Vodafone Empowers Youth Through The #iCreateTomorrow Campaign

Vodafone Empowers Youth Through The #iCreateTomorrow Campaign

Last Month, Vodafone Uganda launched #iCreateTomorrow which is aimed at empowering the youth in Uganda to shape their future.

To kick start the campaign, Vodafone Uganda invited the youth in the categories of Creative, Entrepreneurship and future business leadership to Shoot a Video telling the world how they  will create their tomorrow in in their respective categories.

After getting over 200 #ICreateTomorrow video submissions in less than four days, the judges made a review and come out with the outstanding videos in various categories.

Chris Lutanga won the Entrepreneurship category, Kati Love for Future business and Darsan Aine for creative.

To prove that Vodafone Uganda is serious about the#ICreateTomorrow campaign, the winners were taken to London for a once in a lifetime experience.


During the trip, they met leaders and influencers in their fields, people who are using technology and creativity to change the future of their industry.

Profiles of the #ICreateTomorrow Campaign Winners

Darsan Ainembabazi

Student and artist Darsan started his creative journey making small drawings in his school books before progressing to painting on canvas.

He wants to create a gallery in Kampala that gives a voice to the unheard creative industry – establishing it as something better recognised and higher paid thus allowing Uganda’s art scene to flourish

Cathy Namubiru

Cathy is a Masters student of healthcare administration.

Her tomorrow is at the helm of a Ugandan health care system that is accessible to all.

She wants to obtain information and insight from her trip to London to help her drive the change that is so needed in Uganda.

Chris Lutanga

Self-taught photographer, film maker and 3D artist Chris wants to learn from like-minded people to bring about change to young people in Uganda.

His tomorrow involves creating a film studio that helps youths realise their dreams and untapped potential within the creative industries

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