Weasel’s wife Samira resorts to ‘bonking’ fellow women

Samira Tumi, the official wife to singer Douglas Mayanja AKA Weasel could be having marital issues with the father of her baby, considering the latest pictures making rounds on social media.


In one sultry photo, the mother of one was snapped exchanging saliva and snogging a fellow woman identified as Tafleh Hany Wenger.

Tafleh is a budding socialite who seems to have profound love for fellow women, since moles have on several occasions seen her lock lips with women.

After the photo surfacing online, Samira has become the talk on every one’s lips, with so many fans and followers wondering whether she could be transitioning into a lesbian.

Before this worrying incident, our snoops spotted Samira at Club Venom a week ago looking stressed, and buried in her smart phone even when she had friends around.

From, her facial expression, she could be having a ‘hell on earth’ relationship with the wiggle wiggle singer, who is also known for bonking whichever woman comes by.

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