Why Chameleon Left crew on US Tour

Jose Chameleon


Word reaching us is that singer Jose Chameleone is not happy with his back-up singers in Leone Island especially his little brother, AK47 over matters related to the remuneration.

Jose Chameleon
Jose Chameleon

Sources intimate that the gist of all the bad blood is allegations from his proteges that when Chameleone gets booked for international shows, he bargains for the whole crew but gives them less money when it comes to payments.

Dr Jose was to travel with four members including DJ selector, AK47, Manager Sam Mukasa and King Saha, however  AK47 later landed a good pay cheque to perform in Juba.

Sources, however, say that before they could leave, he fell out with the rest and eventually left alone promising to teach them a lesson. An insider reveals that out of anger, Chameleone even went ahead to compose a song titled ‘Abantu banemye okutegeera’ in which he ‘disses’ the entire leone Island Crew especially deserters.

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  1. Mpozi how much did he contribute to the late Martin Angume send off? Meeaaannnn….!!!

  2. Anti ye nawolovu. They don’t call him chameleon for nothing plus u got to remember he is a business man who treats his employees not really good, check his history this won’t be a surprise then

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