Willy Mutenza: Take Advantage Of Investment Opportunities In Gulu

Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night


 Willy Mutenza, the Chairman of Uganda UK Convention, encourages the Diaspora to take advantage of investment opportunities in Gulu.

Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night
Mutenza with London Mayor at networking night

At a recent networking gathering of Ugandans in the UK, Willy Mutenza, encouraged Ugandans to look at home for investment opportunities. Mr Mutenza was promoting the ‘Home is Best’ Summit taking place from 14th – 19th December 2014 at Pece Ground in Gulu.

The theme of the summit is stimulatingand accelerating in­vestment opportunities through local and Diaspora synergies. The summit will give individuals and families the opportunities to invest their capital in their home communities.

The 7th Home is the Best Summit 2014 – Gulu will be attended by invitation from especially those who are participating in the week long activities, namely persons from the Diaspora, ex­hibitors, government officials, cultural leaders and foreign dignitaries. The summit will bring together a cross-section of 200-400 Ugandans in the Diaspora, their families at home, the public and the private sector members. The summit focuses on the investment opportuni­ties and challenges mobilizing the international business community to investing in Uganda.

H.E. Museveni, the President of Uganda, will grace the summit by giving the key note address and will hand over the different awards to major investment achievers from the Diaspora and Uganda.

Mr Mutenza stressed that “Gulu provides a strategic investment opportunity to access the South Sudan virgin market, not to mention DRC and the vast local market. Neighbouring Southern Sudan will remain a market of strategic importance”.

The Prime Minister, Dr RuhakanaRugunda, recently in Zambia said “We are considering upgrading the way we deal with Ugandans in the Diaspora so that they do not have to be resident in the country in order to contribute effectively to the economy.”

Mr Mutenza added that “it is our duty to not only repatriate skills and knowledge we have gained in the Diaspora, but also look at how we can contribute to the social economic development of our nation by converting our remittance into money generating projects to mitigate the syndrome of dependence by our relatives. The Diasporan population is aging and they need to start investing their money wisely to prepare for their retirement time in Uganda.”

The summit is organised by The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) in partnership with the private sec­tor and the Ugandan Government to drive national economic growth and development with the aim of promoting and facilitating private sector investments in Uganda. The main objectives of the authority are to at­tract value adding investment that brings technology, jobs and provide serviced sites, buildings and competitive infrastructure.

The government of Uganda, through Invest­ment Authority (UIA) and the Private Sec­tor, have organized Diaspora investment summits, under the theme “Home is the Best”. Kampala has usually been the main venue for these summits.

The summits are one of the many efforts to bring the Ugandan Diaspora into active par­ticipation in private investment home, to contribute to the national economic devel­opment and focus on Uganda’s investment prospects opportunities /challenges and the role the Uganda Diaspora should play in these efforts.

The “Home is Best Summit- Gulu” is the show of strength and “Let us go to Gulu” business summit are the events which most industrialists and service providers should not miss. Participants should prepare adequately to meet the de­mands and expectations.

Summit activities and exhibition

The exhibition will run from Monday to Fri­day as the stalls are constructed to last at least for a week. The exhibition will provide an avenue to share the market, share information & networking among the various actors, tech­nology options and best practices in the public and private sector. The exhibition targets all Ugandans in the Diaspora, private, public and lo­cal communities as well as manufacturers of the surrounding countries Kenya, Southern Su­dan, DR Congo and Rwanda to come and ex­hibit and sell.

Cultural gala

The cultural gala will display the cultural her­itage as reflected in the costumes, foods, po­ems, learning/teaching a new language or listen to a traditional music of a different culture tra­ditional folk song and dance, spiritual and emo­tional activities. There will be awards given out.

Conference, B2B and Networking.

The conference, B2B and networking will take centre stages from Tuesday to Thursday of the week. These activities will be held in conso­nant and complementing one another. In the conference hall, there will be presentations from persons from the Diaspora, public and private sec­tors. All government agencies invited will pre­sent their roles and functions to the growth and development of the economy.


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