Zari, Diamond For Reality TV Show

Zari, Diamond For Reality TV Show

For the past few months, East Africa’s power couple of Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and her Tanzanian singing boyfriend Diamond Platinumz has been a subject of intense media interest.

The couple made headlines with rumour circulating that a break up was in the chamber.

It should be noted that last month it emerged that Zari was pregnant again but her much younger boyfriend was unhappy with the development.

The ‘Number one’ hit maker reasoned that it would not look right in his culture considering the fact that their first child, baby girl Latiffah Dangote is yet to make a year.

However, the two seem determined to make their romance work.

Latest is that Zari and Diamond have followed the trend of celebrity couples having reality television shows.

According to sources, the couple is finalizing plans to have their own reality show showcasing the daily events in the lives of Zari, Diamond and their daughter Tifah plus other family members.

The show, whose name is yet to be revealed, is expected to start airing late this year or early next year.

Diamond confirmed while appearing on E! a US based entertainment channel last week adding that it will be on TV soon.

It should be remembered that Zari had a reality TV show dubbed ‘The Boss Lady’ which aired on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) but later flopped.

It is believed that Diamond and Zari want to use the reality show to bond and come closer plus of course the money they will be minting from it in the process.

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