Zari Donates Christmas Package To Orphanage

Zari (C) while delivering her Christmas gift to God's grace orphanage

Zari (C) while delivering her Christmas gift to God's grace orphanage
Zari (C) while delivering her Christmas gift to God’s grace orphanage

Although the media has been awash with news about her love life, city socialite Zari Hassan has decided to put her love life troubles aside and give back to the community.

With just five days to Christmas day, the boss lady visited God’s Grace Orphanage in Kalerwe on Wednesday that houses a total of 118 children from the ages of 3 months to 19 years and left them with Christmas goodies.

The glamorous lady who recently arrived from South Africa with her beau also visited Katalemwa child centre that looks after disadvantaged young ones in the company of her three children and made a donation.

According to her twitter account, taking her children along helps inculcate in them the same spirit.

“Me and ma kids at Katalemwa chird centre….They need to learn the basics” she wrote.

Zari has shown that apart from the glamor and glitz that surrounds her life, there is that part of her cares for the less privileged.

Zari’s action has set the direction our so called celebs possibly need to take in this festive season where we remember the birth of Jesus Christ. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me” the Holy book says.

Helping those in need is another way of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth.

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23 thoughts on “Zari Donates Christmas Package To Orphanage

  1. oh! Zari that is good spirit of a holistic African. That is your true face, thanks and God bless

  2. Zari am so glad u did that, God bless you for making those kids xmas special this year..”Be generous and you’ll be prosperous. help others and you’ll be helped.

  3. Thanks very much Zari for helping the needy. May the almighty God keep you in his safe hands and pour his blessings upon you,

  4. A sign of growth or media attraction? The act itself is good…the intention we can’t comment. thanks

    1. Baby steps Aloys …. baby steps. At least she’s doing something good while seeking media attention. That’s a positive change from her usual ways. It’s a baby step!

  5. Ok, Christmas comes once a year, how about the rest of the other days, we don’t need to give them food they’re to eat on Christmas ONLY, all days are the same for such people, please Miss Zari keep the spirit growing, whether Easter or your birthday. They need to eat and sleep well. Thanks keep it up though.

  6. thank you Zari, God will not fail to reward you, come to Jinja and vist these small home like sangaalo

  7. Thx alot Zari,we need more philanthropists like Zari to support the needy instead o keeping eir monies n bedrooms en Swiss bank.God bless.

  8. Zari thanx 4 proving that u are not in that class of BAD BLACK and friends spending billions in bars. May God bless u.

  9. Zari, this is what i have always said will earn you respect & not splashing cash competing with Judith on has more. This is surely exceptional & i salute you on this. Keep up

  10. True that. we hope she did not intend to attract public attension.
    Right thing for a bad inttension, no reward from heaven but appericiation on earth.

  11. It’s good that the thought to give back crosses her mind but for some odd reason, why does it only have to be on holiday? Why can’t they (so-called celebs) give back on a regular random day? Such random days could be the days when the less priviledged/disadvantaged need help the most and not just when it’s xmas or easter or independence day. etc

  12. Well done Miss Zarinah. To me, taking your kids along is what REALLY matters! God bless you for the insight / foresightedness.

  13. Maura Atim what do you mean ma friend about your comments! What have done you as Maura to critisize Zari

  14. Please Zari, i wish you can advise your husband(Ivan Ssemwanga) to do the same other than taking people in the boat around lake victoria just to show off. No one will remember him however much will do to those people instead they will just talk aganist him afterwards. Remember the money you peaople you are having isnt forever. So donate to those disadvantage people who will remember you tomorrow and even God will reward you. God bless u

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