Zuena Eats Like a Glutton-Bebe Cool

Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool's wife.

Shocking revelations indicate that NTV Life Stories presenter Zuena Kirema wife to Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool eats like a glutton.


While appearing on a talk show on Kampala based FM station, the ‘Love you everyday’ singer Bebe Cool publicly described his beloved wife as a person who eats too much food.

The dread locked singer also claimed that he loves her because she can eat and that on the pair’s first official date many years back, gorgeous Zuena, on top of clearing the food on her plate, she also cleared his.

It is also said that because she loves eating, she has eaten most of the cakes at her “Zuena Pastries’ confectionery business.

Even some of her colleagues at the Kampala Serena Hotel based station who preferred anonymity revealed that Zuena is not shy about her eating habits which is probably her hobby considering she eats every chance she gets.

However, her fans are wondering where the food she eats goes considering she has maintained her adorable figure.

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  1. Lucky Zuena, Some people have appetite, but do not have food, others have food but not appetite, Zuena is lucky, she has the food and the Appetite!

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