Zuena Becomes Bebe Cool’s Hairdresser

Zuena dressing Bebe Cool's hair

Singer Bebe Cool is one of the luckiest men in the country since he got married to a multipurpose woman.

Zuena dressing Bebe Cool's hair
Zuena dressing Bebe Cool’s hair

Zuena’s latest addition to her CV is the hairdressing job, which she has been performing flawlessly according to our snoops.

This is believed to be one of Zuena’s strategies to guard Bebe Cool from bonking Salon ladies since he has no filter when it comes to the hunt for a bearded meat.

Zuena is the queen dancer, photographer, wife, mother and now hairdresser to her husband Bebe Cool.

She was recently photographed ‘breastfeeding’ her husband at the recently concluded two year dance party held at Sheraton Gardens at the New Year’s Eve.

A close source to Zuena describes her as one of the most protective women she has seen though she pretends not to care when she is in Public.

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