Soldiers Strike Over Salary Arrears

Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala

Over 1,800 reserve force soldiers in greater Masaka region have threatened to lay down their tools over salary arrears. The disgruntled soldires claim that they have not been paid salary arreras that amounts to over shs10bn.

“We have been patient enough while demanding for our arrears for the past 3 years,” one of the reserve soldiers said while addressing a press briefing at Baroda building along Elgin street in masaka town on Monday.

“we have resolved to lay down our tools in two weeks unless president Yoweri Museveni intervenes to address our plight.” They further stressed that some of their colleagues have been recruited and integrated into the Uganda Police Constables (SPCs) but for them they  have been left to survive by God’s  mercy.

However when Red pepper contacted the regional reserve force spokesman Capt. Hakim Rwamukyo, he said the reserve force soldiers are not paid government salaries but rather are given monthly allowances. He added that sometimes allowances delay but this doesn’t go beyond two months.

Additional Reporting By Sadique Bamwita

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3 thoughts on “Soldiers Strike Over Salary Arrears

  1. Strike is a wrong word here it only applies to the civil servants. For soldiers or the military the right word here is mutiny which is more serious.

    1. You are right pol201229; it’s a mutiny. The question of allowances or salary as the right term is not material. The issue is that some soldiers are complaining about not having received a regular pay. Illiterate and semi-literate persons cannot differentiate between ‘allowance’ and ‘salary’ provided it is paid on regular intervals.

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