2 Ugandan Policemen Detained in DR Congo

Two Ugandan police officers attached to Ejupala market police post in Arua district have been arrested by soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and detained at Aru territory headquarters.

The two identified as Bosco Onzima, the officer in charge of the police post and Arimony Amatre, a police constable, were arrested by the armed DRC soldiers on Monday as they pursued a stolen vehicle.

They were accused of carrying firearms to a foreign land.

Wilson Awua, the Ejupala market trader’s chairperson says the two officers followed the vehicle after a tipoff from their counterparts at Arua central police station until the suspected robbers crossed into DRC territory.

He says armed Congolese soldiers threatened to shoot anybody who attempted to block them from detaining the police officers.

Henry Venant Nkosi Palamu, the Territorial Administrator, for Aru confirmed the arrest of and subsequent detention of the two police officers.

He says according to information his office received on Tuesday morning the officers were arrested for illegally entering in to DR Congo while armed.

He however adds that they are already in talks with the office of Arua RDC to have the officers released because their entry into DR Congo was a genuine case of fighting cross border theft.

But Josephine Angucia, the police spokesperson for West Nile denied knowledge of the incident although she cites a similar case where one police officer was also arrested and taken to Aru territory headquarters last week was being investigated. She says the two will be investigated jointly.

Recently two Ugandan traders were shot dead in Aru town by unknown gunmen when they raided a discotheque, a matter which remains unresolved.

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