COVID-19: Truck-drivers to adopt relay system beyond borders, Gov’t resolves

Kampala – The National COVID-19 Taskforce has resolved trucks to adopt relay system from borders.

The National COVID-19 Taskforce has agreed that all trucks entering Uganda will have only one person on board for the next four weeks in a move to control the movement and exposure of Ugandans to foreign truck drivers.

The meeting which was convened on Saturday decided that drivers will have to implement the relay system-where a designated driver drives to the Ugandan border and from there on, another from Uganda who has tested negative for COVID-19 continues with the rest of the journey.

For the last two weeks, truck drivers have undergone mandatory testing at the borders but have been allowed to continue with their journeys before the release of their results.

In the process, the drivers who have tested positive have come into contact with several Ugandans.

As of today, 18 drivers have tested positive and over 300 contacts are being monitored and traced.

With the new measures, new truck parks or stops have been designated.

Drivers who have been tested for COVID-19 and are waiting for their results will stop under the surveillance of security officers to wait for their results.

Once results are released, drivers who test positive will be picked up by health ministry officials while those who test negative will be allowed to continue with their journey.

Different routes will have three stops. Route one will cover drivers from Kenya. These drivers will be able to stop at either Namboole, Lukaya, Ntungamo/Ishaka and the border.

Route two also from Kenya will have drivers stop in Soroti or Kamdin corner.

Trucks from Tanzania travelling to Kampala will cover route three and stop in Karuma and Packwatch.

Route four will cover trucks from DRC. The trucks will travel from Fortportal to Mubende and then Namboole.

All other stop points that were previously used by the trucks such as; Tororo, Mbale, Lira, Kamdin, Mbikko, Naluwerere, Lyantonde, Namawojolo, Sanga, Ruti, Migyera, Luwero have been closed. No truck is allowed to make stops there.

The new measures come following an outcry from Ugandans after several truck drivers carrying cargo from Kenya and Tanzania tested positive for COVID-19. Many had called for the closure of all border entry points.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19: Truck-drivers to adopt relay system beyond borders, Gov’t resolves

  1. I thank God we as Ugandans we are still safe and I thank the Government and other responsible departments who putting up some measures on how cross boarder transportation is done.

    Please do all u can even if it means closing all boarder points because we as Ugandans we accepted the lockdown and we have been disciplined just to make sure we control the spread of this disease.
    It is so disheartening if we do all this and just mere truck drivers come and disorganize us blowing all our painful acts to shame.

    I believe u will help us since we have come this far

    1. Please close your borders completely .its unfortunate decision, you accept the goods but reject the messenger!!!!

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