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1. “Tripsolagnia” is the intimate arousal from having your hair shampooed.Its like having sex in the shower everyday.2. Women between the age of 27-45 are at the horniest they’ll ever be.

3. womanliness’s can fall out with age.Its called ‘pelvis prolaspe’ and basically the womanliness turns inside out & hangs between the legs.

4. A headache is never a good reason not to have sex. Sex actually cure a headache.

5. Aside from a bedroom, the car is the most popular place for people to have sex.

6. During a typical intimate intercourse, the average man thrust an average of 60-120 times.

7. A female heavenly feeling acts as a powerfull painkiller because of the release of endorphin.

8. Half an hour of sex burns 150 calories. Which means that you can lose 3lbs a year if you have sex 7-8 times a month.

9. A real heavenly feeling burns about 112 calories. However,a fake heavenly feeling is said to burn about 315 calories.

10. During sweaty sex, men ooze testosterone,which is a biological turn on for women.

11. French kissing can help prevent cavities. “Forget the dentist,just make out”.

12. The most annoying feeling is being Hot & not being able to do anything about it.

13. Korea offers womanliness day spas where a woman can get something similar to a facial for her womanliness.

14. Some female penguins have been known to engage in prostitution.

15. “Titillagnia” is the intimate arousal from tickling.

16.”Formicophilia” is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals.

17. Iguana,koalas & komodo dragons all have two manlinesses.

18. sex is considered one of the best forms of exercise.

19. Cuddling Unclad after sex reduces stress levels & reduces anxiety.

20. Around 25% of people are daydreaming about sex at any given point in time.

21. Almonds,bananas & strawberries can all boost your sex drive.

22. Sex is a workout, so if you’re not sweating then you’re not doing it right.

23. Men who have an active intimate life are more likely to live past 85 years old.

24. Approximately 120 million acts of intimate intercourse occur around the world everyday.

25. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body. Put it to good use

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  1. QUOTE: [8. Half an hour of sex burns 150 calories. Which means that you can lose 3lbs a year if you have sex 7-8 times a month.]
    So when your woman puts on lots of weight – you are not doing enough.

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