25,000 Teachers Miss February Salary

Ugandan primary school teachers hold banners and shout slogans during a demonstration in a protest against the government's failure to increase their salaries in an earlier strike.

At least 25,000 teachers are among the civil servants across the country yet to get their February salary as the mystery of why they are not receiving their pay continues.

While Public Service ministry insists the problem is down to adjusting to the new payment system, many people believe it is a deliberate attempt.

The most affected are the teachers with up 25,000 of them missing out on the February pay. A sizeable number of them last received salary in November last year.

James Tweheyo, the Secretary General of Uganda National Teachers Union, says this is the worst the Ministry of Public Service has ever done to the teachers.

Tweheyo says many teachers have failed to send their children to school because they have nothing. He says while some teachers have been paid, others are still waiting for when they will be paid.

Tweheyo is wondering why the ministry has kept quiet over the delays. He also says the fact that the ministry has paid some teachers is a clear attempt to stop the teachers in the county from taking a united stand.

He says whether the ministry uses divide and rule method or not, teachers will soon come up with a position on the way forward.

The Ministry of Public Service officials have remained silent on the issue. The Public Relations Officer of the ministry, Jonas Tumwine failed to clarify what went wrong.

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3 thoughts on “25,000 Teachers Miss February Salary

  1. We have a bunch of thieves at Ministry of public thieves. This money is in wrong hands now.

  2. At least we signed the non-functional bills into laws….. Porno- Homo as the mass suffers at the cost of Public Thieves

  3. When Museveni sees all Salaries of 25,000 teachers not received and he has Money to Just dish itto peole who actually are not working and only depends on the swindled and stolen money from Government one shadders and wonds whether Museveni has Vision for the Civilservants of Uganda who work and miss out their Salaries.May be Museveniis kay because currently is dreaming of extending the 2016 election until 2021 because he sees that Ugandans cannot visionalise to say NO to his queer ideas.

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