30 Health Workers To Lose Jobs in Kasese

Minister of Health, Dr. Christine Ondoa

Over thirty health workers who were recruited this year by the Kasese district local government are on the verge of losing their jobs for absconding from their duties.

The senior personnel officer Samson Bihanikire says his office is already gathering data following a resolution made by the district council on Friday over the fate of those who have never reported to their duty stations.

Council adopted a recommendation by the works and social services committee that all health workers who were recruited, picked appointment letters and never reported for work be disappointed with immediate effect.

Bihanikire says that so far thirty three health workers have been identified to have not reported at all.

He adds that there are many others who reported to the hard-to-reach areas of Mahango, Kitholhu, Ihandiro and Maliba sub-counties and have since not gone back due to lack of access to the payroll.

Asked about how soon the action will be taken, Bihanikire said when a full list is made, the Chief Administrative Officer will write to the affected personnel regarding their dismissal from work.

Early this year, Kasese district local government recruited three hundred thirty three medical workers to fill the gaps that have been hampering the health services over time.

Works and social services committee chairperson Richard Bomera says the action on health workers will sound as a warning to the eighty teachers who are going to be appointed to the hard-to-reach schools

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