300 Police Officers In Karamoja Missing

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About 300 Police officers have in the past 18 months deserted or are missing from their duty stations in Karamoja.

300 Police officers are said to have deserted their duty stations in Karamoja
300 Police officers are said to have deserted their duty stations in Karamoja

A source close to the subject says that hundreds of officers are discontented over delayed salaries, low pay and shortage of accommodation citing the high cost of living in the sub region. He explains that government paid one month salary in the banks but loan officers grabbed all the money.

Irene Aceng, the Karamoja Police spokesperson could neither confirm nor deny the reported desertions. She says it’s true some officers left the sub region in the past one and half years. She also notes that lists had been submitted to Police headquarters for scrutiny. Aceng attributes the desertions to several reasons ranging from personal concerns to economic issues. She explains that the police officers offer pass leaves that are not beyond 21. She goes on to say if an officer does not report within the stipulated days, they will be considered a deserter.


Okot Obwona, the Regional Police Commander –Mt. Moroto area admits a total of 101 officers to have deserted saying they have embarked on the manhunt for the deserters. He adds that the police have put several steps in place to have the officers disciplined. Obwona notes that the intelligence reports had it that others had turned to riding commercial motorbikes commonly known as boda boda, adding that they face arrest. He goes on to say that their salaries may be halted with time if there is no response. He however ruled out shortage of accommodation.

The mass desertion arrives at a time when the police is expected to conduct a severe community policing programme. The move aims at the restoration of law and order in the sub region once characterized by decades of armed conflicts and cattle rustling.

So far 12 police officers have been arrested in the last three weeks for desertion and are in court.

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1 thought on “300 Police Officers In Karamoja Missing

  1. Not until it is well set, this word “desertion” is going to remain in the papers, when a country head officers becomes Immoral, even the knowledge people cease to think.

    Hunting for these men and arresting them will not benefit the Nation Tax Payer, it will rather increase expense to tax payer to feed them while in Luzira, I think your interest of arresting is partly to reduce the political threat but not for any benefit to the government or arrested officer.

    Work is well done by one’s stability and psychologically motivated mind, married men will work hard if their families are more stable, than when, kids are not going to school due to lack of school fees, wife told to leave the rented room having failed to pay house bills, all that and others, its very a shaming for a working man to fail to provide his family’s needs, the children will not clearly understand ghost workers who have caused salaries not to be paid, even some women may not understand you when it takes long like how it is to day.
    More so, men are deserting because they see no future in police and army, some one has served more than 8years is never promoted even to LCP, do you think in the real sense this person is agood material to the government? while he is growing, he becomes week, meaning he may start fearing to go for hard courses, some joined when they had just completed s.4, which is nothing to day, new recruits are s.6 and above and very young can manage all training, do think this man can compete, all those plus un paid little salary force these people to look for how they can look after their families thus deserting, not to joining rebels as you think,
    NB: and for your information, if you harass these people you will force them to join Rebel groups, my simple advice is, follow these people find the kind of life they are trying to leave out side police/army, if some one is busy farming, going for more education, or doing his business in a peaceful way, do not disturb him/her, if i have run to help my family and you cause me again to run away from my family where do you think i will go? stop what causes the disease rather than treating the disease, other wise, the disease will continue.

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