4GC Blast Elites, Plan New Protests

4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests

Opposition activists For God and My Country (4GC) have described the educated elite as selfish and responsible for failing Uganda’s political future.

4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests next week
4GC national coordinator MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests next week

The pressure group launched in early 2011 to resent poor governance through public protests.  However, despite numerous calls to the general population, most Ugandans still prefer to be inactive participants.

Activist Dr. Kiiza Besigye says the main problem is the elite class, who only want to come and get the share of the spoils.

He cites elite groups in Parliament, religious circles and civil society saying there is need to develop leadership outside the elite group.

The activists were responding to a question on whether since their inception, there has been any major positive response from the public considering they want to use the very same population to change power.

4GC national coordinator Mathias Mpuuga also MP Masaka Municipality acknowledged the reluctance displayed by the populace whenever they invite Ugandans to participate in their protests.

Dr Kiiza Besigye criticized elites who he said only want to 'share spoils'
Dr Kiiza Besigye criticized elites who he said only want to ‘share spoils’

About nine people were killed during the walk to work protests in 2011 and many more others injured. Mpuuga says these killings were meted out to scare away people but believe the struggle for change will take a bit of time.

Besigye adds that the elite are opportunists who wait for the struggle to end then come to enjoy the freedom.

The opposition activists today announced that beginning next week on Monday 22nd they are going to engage in protest actions of various kinds in different places.

The protests are against misrule and government policies especially on the recently increased taxes on paraffin, mobile money, fuel, water, wheat and boda boda tax.

Mpuuga says they shall not pay taxes to fuel corruption by corrupt government officials. He adds that they are mourning the collapse of the economy with the recent announcement during the budget reading that 80 percent of the budget will be financed by the local population.

He argues that budget independence must be backed by a buoyant and resilient economy yet Uganda is an economy descending down with no ability to sustain its own budget.

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12 thoughts on “4GC Blast Elites, Plan New Protests

  1. [QUOTE: Opposition activists have described the educated elite as selfish and responsible for failing Uganda’s political future.] It is this group that is selfish. This serial looser Besigye is very malicious – “either I have power or I spoil it for everyone”. That’s why people of sound mind (the elite they are blaming) have shunned them.They have seen through the gasiya demos. USELESS. You cannot use the elite to account for the millions of dollars you get from your donors. Continue using idle, illiterate goons. The elite have better things to do.
    [QUOTE:…Mpuuga acknowledged the reluctance displayed by the populace whenever they invite Ugandans to participate in their protests…] It’s because your protests serve only you (for accountability) and the goons (to loot). Genuine demos are spontaneous, they are not organized by a bunch of selfish political looser. That’s why you are not getting anywhere. Who organized in Tunisia? Besigye once used winning in by elections as measure of the success of until Oromait, Nebanda, etc came along and he dropped that bad excuse for a reason like you would hot metal.
    [QUOTE: … the main problem is the elite class, who only want to come and get the share of the spoils]. Which spoils? Am now convinced this man Besigye is mad. He is power hungry. He has now arrogated himself the power to think and decide for Ugandans who have thrice decisively thrown out his presidential bid. To him being in power is “the spoils” and those who do not play along with his machinations, thinking and violent approach “only want to share the spoils”. Poor Besigye! He is now in dreamland imagining himself in the driver’s seat.

  2. What Besigye and Mpuga are sayng and doing is right. The elite do join
    simply because they are protecting what they have thinking that they
    will loose what they have and their positions if the opposition don’t

    The elite want to join the battle in the middle when the
    thing is really falling; this is when they are going to put in all their
    efforts and start claiming that they have been involved from the first

    Gideon Ssubi

  3. Did you have something to post or you just had to post something? I do not understand you and am not sure you understand yourself. What is so peaceful about “making society ungovernable” for example? Those are typical actions of a mad man not a peace maker!

  4. So M7 and government should just sit back and watch a serial election loser “make society ungovernable”? Yes power belongs to the people – and they made their statement at the ballot. By your own admission the educated elite are not part of your chaos. Hired, incited, unruly goons on the streets (many of them high on njaga) does not constitute “people who have come out strongly”.

    1. Museveni is not only making big mistakes in his Ruling Uganda but wastes a lot of money hunting for a single man Dr.Kiiza Besigye who is armless and a freedom fighter

      People may use their power using many means minus the ballot paper which museveni uses to dupe them with salt and match boxes

      The word ungovernable is not relative in meaning and Ugandans are not ungovernable nor lead to be ungovernable but what is at stake is a Bad Government under a bad ruler imposing himself to rule forever with many mistakes at his shoulders.

      1. He did not impose himself to rule forever. People gave him the mandate. The earlier you acknowledge that the better for you. Besigye has presented his bid thrice, and thrice the people has thrown it out. Try the correct diagnostics as to why Besigye keeps keeps being trounced; not his “I was cheated” that sounds good to his ear. Just because he can mobilise goons onto the streets is not a measure of his strength. It does not require many goons to disorganize the city.
        Have you asked yourself why the elite have shunned Besigye (by his own admission)? You may also want to tell us why even the goons do not stay long on the streets?

        1. TERM LIMITS, ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE!!! NOBODY HAS A MANDATE TO RULE OVER US FOREVER! Does that make sense to you???? Now the little boy wants to step into his father’s shoes. What a sick joke!! It seems the lessons of Saddam and Muammar’s son’s have not quite sank in!!

          1. Stop using term limits as a scape goat for your dismal performance at elections and stop wishful thinking – Saddam, Muammar, etc. It will not happen here! You can keep on wishing! Poor Mutuuze!

            1. fkyyyy learn and remember this like you remember your own name, TERM LIMITS ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE, TERM LIMITS ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE; ELECTIONS ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE, ELECTIONS ARE THERE FOR A PURPOSE!!!!!!! For your information fkyyyy, I don’t depend on the regime for my sustenance, though I very strongly suspect that YOU do. That’s why you are hell bent of defending the undefendable. So forget about referring to me as “Poor Mutuuze”, we should instead be talking about “poor fkyyyy”, because its very likely your livelihood depends on the survival of a rotten and decadent regime; poor fkyyyy indeed!! My advice to you is to stop whistling in the wind, and please, please don’t put all your eggs in one basket, start hedging your bets now for a better tomorrow, at least for the sake of your family. The old order changeth, and in time, in comes a new order whether the likes of fkyyyy realise that or not. So I don’t have to argue with you that it will or won’t happen here, let the little boy step into his father’s shoes and as sure as eggs is eggs the sh*t is damn well going to hit the fan!

    2. “serial election loser”? What a load of tosh! Does willingness and ability to rig elections, shoot, tear gas and imprison protesters, harass and subvert opposition parties and their leaders translate into “the people have made their statement at the ballot”????!!!!, fkyyyy, like I mentioned in an earlier comment which was shamefully censored by a certain government mouth piece, you are one of those with their snouts deep in the trough, and in your particular case very noisily so. Enjoy the slop while you can but please be advised that the gravy train is NOT going to last forever!

      1. When you begin using foul language it becomes apparent you have nothing to contribute to a debate. I guess that’s why you post was deleted pronto.
        Besigye has been trounced 3 times in a row – maybe you have forgotten or you just do not want to believe it. You know defeat can be hard to accepts especially when you have made false assurances to the electorate.

  5. Uganda is continuously becoming unfortunate country because of having many sleeping dogs so called professors who cannot wake up to defend their country from a brutal leader who is prepared not to bend to repent of his mistakes always done in the country for people laugh and ignore the actuated mistakes.

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