Ex-EALA Legislator shares 9 Points Why NRM Candidate Museveni will Sweep Victory in 2021

Hon. Nusura Tiperu and NRM Candidate Yoweri Kaguta T. Museveni

Gulu | RedPepper Digital – Former Uganda MP and third East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) member, Hon. Nusura Tiperu has revealed that NRM Candidate Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will bag a victory in the highly anticipated forthcoming general elections.

Hon. Tiperu, also a political analyst, shared a litany of reasons to a tune of nine (9) as to why Museveni will be re-elected come Poll day (January 14, 2021)

“Mzee, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, (the fountain of honour) is going to win (this election) by far this time than ever before,” said the youthful Tiperu.

“Mzee’s seniority in local, regional and continental politics offers him an edge; he is an icon of continental stability,” said Hon. Tiperu.

She further presented NRM’s structure as the fountain of the big victory labelling it ‘Grounded’

“The NRM is ahead of the polls by 2.5 million leaders; a structure that is grounded and will raise 20 million votes. So NRM is ahead by 20 million votes out of the 42 million Ugandans! Kiriza oba’gana. It is the reality,” said Tiperu.

Hon. Tiperu’s deliberations come after NRM Candidate Museveni completed his campaign trail in West Nile last week where he met several party leaders, youths and flag-bearers at all levels in Arua, Moyo, Nebbi, among others.

Former EALA legislator, Hon. Nusura Tiperu and colleague join NRM Candidate Yoweri Museveni on his campaign trail.

Museveni enters the second week of the campaign trail as he traverses the Acholi sub-region with NRM party sustaining that they will stick to ‘scientific’ engagements to reduce the risk of spread of the novel coronavirus.

NRM Secretary-General, Rt, Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba confirmed the development, affirming that the mass party was committed to the safety of Uganda.

Kasule Lumumba made the remarks while addressing the media Sunday November 15 at the Party Headquarters in Kampala.

“NRM will next week start the distribution of campaign materials to NRM village leaders in abid to extend their message from President Yoweri Museveni who is their presidential candidate to all members,” said SG Kasule Lumumba.

“NRM leaders shall hold village meetings not exceeding 200 people, move person to person and house to house with intentions to win at all levels,” Hon. Lumumba emphasized.

Excerpts from Hon. Tiperu’s 9 Points for a Clean Museveni Victory come 2021

  1. His seniority in local, regional n continental politics. An icon of continental stability.
  2. He is contesting with mediocre. Analyze them and decide.
  3. He is contesting with candidates that lack emotional intelligence, maturity. Elucidate.
  4. Mzee is contesting with candidates that lack the true people. Museveni has the people and others just sloganeering n xeroxing. Textbook versus actuality.
  5. Museveni is an icon of regional peace n security. Ugandans& east Africans who are peace loving can’t experiment or gamble on matters of national and regional peace and security by voting for amateurs.
  6. Ugandans clearly understand where they were before colonialism, the contribution of past governments, where n how Mzee got them in 1986, what the NRM has done in the past years, where mzee is taking them after 2021. The picture is clear and wants to have a secure future by maintaining, n retaining the icon of national and regional development. He is our hero and he cares. 
  7. Museveni has a huge Bazukulu force that the young fellows wasting time are a quarter of the capacity of the Bazukulu and Musevenists in Uganda. The silence of the Musevenists is not stupidity. They are watching, marking n grounded. Wait for the polls. This is the easiest.
  8. The NRM manifesto is the best of the manifestos of all candidates. It’s detailed, touches all sectors, indicates. Work in progress n what’s going to be done in all key sectors. We can’t gamble when we have president Museveni who’s a visionalist n whose mission for Uganda is clear.  Thank u for supporting president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the NRM presidential candidate 2021.

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