Acholi Patiko Clan Chief Dead

Acholi Patiko Clan Chief Dead

By Our Reporter


The Chief of Patiko Kal Chiefdom, a popular Chiefdom amongst the Acholi in Northern Uganda, has sadly breathed his last.

Rwot Jeremiah Bongojane Mutu II, the head of Patiko Chiefdom in Gulu, was  pronounced dead by George Kidega, the Prime Minister Patiko Kal Chiefdom, who said  the cultural leader has been battling illness for some time.

Bongojane breathed his last at Life Link Hospital in Kampala after succumbing to a yet to be identified illness. But unconfirmed reports show that the 50-year-old Bongojane could have succumbed to prostate cancer, which he has been battling for some time.

According to Kidega, Bongojane will be remembered for his great love for education, family and the country. Bongojane is survived by a wife and three daughters. His only son passed on few years ago.  It was in Ajulu that British explorer Sir Samuel White Baker built the historical Fort Patiko, which he used to control South Sudan and Northern Uganda.

Rwot Jeremiah Bongojane has been one of the 54 clan chiefs forming the council of chiefs in Acholi cultural institution locally known as Ker Kwaro Acholi. He was enthroned on June 14, 2011 following the death of his father Muttu Lagara, who reigned between 2000 and 2010. He was the 35th clan chief of the chiefdom whose formation dates back to the Luo migration in Egypt.

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