ADF Not Behind DRC Attacks – Army

Congolese refugees in Bundibugyo district, western Uganda

The Uganda’s People Defence Forces (UPDF) has said that the Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels were not behind the attack of a town in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Congolese refugees in Bundibugyo
Congolese refugees in Bundibugyo

On Thursday, more than 10,000 refugees crossed into Uganda at the Busunga Border post in Bundibugyo district. They fled after rebels attacked the town of Kamango, 11 kilometers from the DRC-Uganda border.

Speaking to local media at the Busunga border post, the 2nd Division army spokesperson, Nisiima Rwamijuma, said that they have received intelligence information from their counterparts in DRC, that the armed group which attacked the town was not ADF.

Asked which rebel group could have been behind the attacks, Nisiima said that they are yet to establish the group. He, however, said that the army will remain alert at the border to deter any group that might want to take advantage of the fighting in the DRC.

At the Busunga border, security has been taken over by the army and police. All the refugees entering the county and carrying luggage are subjected to thorough checking. There is also heavy deployment at the ungazzetted entry points in Bundibugyo at Kasiri, Bundibugoma and Butungo.

More refugees especially women and children continue to flee into Bundibugyo district as fighting between the armed group and the Congolese army continues.

During Thursday’s fighting between the group and the Congolese army, four workers of Medicines San Frontiers operating in Kabango town were kidnapped by the rebels. The town’s health centre was also attacked by the rebels, forcing the patients to flee. The rebels also robbed drugs.

There are numerous armed groups in the mineral-rich eastern DR Congo, who have caused havoc over the past two decades.

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  1. am shocked , how can a whole army officer mislead Ugandans and Congolese, we are here in congo we know that Rwenzori sector is full ADF why cant UPDF enter DRC and fight these Rebles ,some of them were even hard saying Allah wakibah meaning its a mixed with tabulique having connection with alishabau in somalia. this issue should not be taken lightly its war anytime we may be attacked . Nisiima Rwamijuma, does not know what he is talking about .we have suffered more so the minister of defesence should ensure that people around the boarder are protected .if it means entering congo then UPDF can do it as soon as possible before waiting for any out come

    1. This is a bare-faced and laughable propaganda by war-mongers who profiteer in war by creating excuse for UPDF to re-enter/ be permanently in Congo. To claim that ADF was speaking Arabic is laughable and again intended to appeal to US to reward Uganda as an ally in fighting Islamic-led terrorism. Hogwash!

  2. My question is, what is the government of congo doing? does the gov’t have an army in theory or an army of sheep?

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