Agratha Loswash Addicted To Pork

Pundonor Magazine presenter Argatha Loswash

If you have been observing then lately you must have realized that the city’s most lusted after babe Argatha Loswash’s curves has sort of lost shape as she looks to have piled on more pounds.

Argatha is getting out of shape
Argatha is getting out of shape

Snoops have established the reason as to why the NBS Pundonour Magazine presenter’s much adored curves seem to be depreciating at a fast rate.

Close pals to the gorgeous babe reveal that Loswash’s eating habits have got them worried. It is believed that Loswash is one of the city’s top pork crushers who is yet to be officially recognized.

According to sources, she eats two kilos of the delicacy on a daily basis at Nakulabye based pork joint Nicodemus which she washes down with a class of lemonade.

In fact, most of her close pals are worried about her new found hobby that made her look shapeless and a shadow of her former shapely self.

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