Akena Made dying declaration Implicating Kanyamunyu — Family Member

Akena Made dying declaration Implicating Kanyamunyu — Family Member

The brother of the late Kenneth Akena who was who was killed in the forest mall shooting, John Paul Nyeko told police that Akena made a dying declaration in hospital and it implicated city businessman Mathew Kanyamunyu.

“Ken told me point blank; he repeated it twice in my local language that I was shot from game and the guy who shot me is the gentleman with that lady and they are the ones who brought me to the hospital,” narrated Nyeko.

“Ken never moves alone at least am always with him. These guys are trying to change the statement but I go with what my brother told me and I believe that detectives will do their best.

“Since these guys are already contradicting so many things and according to the report I have heard from police, they are beginning to believe what my brother told them.”

According to a statements made by the two suspects, Mathew Kanyamunyu and his fiancé Cynthia Munwangari; they claim they only acted as good Samaritans.

“The two people we have arrested, man and girlfriend, deny the act of shooting,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima.

A dying declaration is an exception to the hearsay rule considered credible and trustworthy evidence based upon the general belief that most people who know that they are about to die do not lie

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