Akol Blames Finance Ministry on Shs6B Handshake Saga

Akol Blames Finance Ministry on Shs6B Handshake Saga

By Serestino Tusingwire

Top officials of the Uganda Revenue Authority have denied claims that they disguised the Shs6bn payout to 42 government officials following successful litigation of oil tax cases in London, UK.

The officials led by URA Commissioner General Doris Akol put the blame on the finance ministry for indicating that the money was given as a supplementary budget for Makerere University non-teaching staff.

“That request originated from the ministry of finance, we would like to request the committee to ask the ministry of finance what they were considering in making the request as they did,” Akol said.

URA officials were making a third appearance to the select committee (COSASE) probing the UGX6bn pay out to government top shots for their role in the tax case Uganda won against two oil companies (Herritage and Tullow) over four years ago.

When the officials were questioned on why some URA staff who assessed the tax liabilities of the intransigent oil companies did not benefit from the payout, they simply responded that it was a collect effort.

The committee is meeting URA officials for the last time today as it proceed to other parties involved in the case.

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