Angella Katatumba Mom Battles For Life

Angella Katatumba Mom Battles For Life

Celebrated singer Angella Katatumba is so devastated and word has it that she has put her music career on hold, such that she can take care of her ailing mother.

Gertrude Katatumba, who is the widow of fallen Pakistan Consul Bonney Katatumba, is undergoing medical attention at IHK Hospital, where she recently underwent a thyroidectomy operation.

A thyroidectomy is an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland. According to family Snoops, Angella’s mom has a throat cancer problem which necessitated the operation.

This has however forced Angella to suspend all her music projects in 2017 such that she can cater for her bedridden mother. But this   comes just a few days after  tycoon Katatumba’s burial, something that has left left Angella as a person and her family at large in a very difficult situation.  Gertrude mothers Angella, her twin brother Rugirwa Katatumba  and other children of the late Bonney Katatumba.

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