Angella Katatumba’s ‘Masterpiece’ album unveiled

KAMPALA – Masters Studios label in Ntinda 2 Road, Naguru have on Monday unveiled singer’s Angella Katatumba 15-track album.

Named MASTERPIECE, the much-anticipated album will be released on the 30 of September 2022. Masters will be the sole distributor, promoter, and main producer of the album.

Davin Oyesigye, A&R, Masters Records told the press on Monday that all the songs were based on Katatumba’s real life, which makes the album unique in its kind.

He noted that other than the main actor, this is the only album that focuses on recognizing and promoting other players like the producers and the songwriters. Amongst these are Lawraid, Skillz On The Beat, WabzDj and songwriters including David Makueta, Cieska Lytes, Stephanie Kirabo also a vocal coach.

On her part, Katatumba commended Masters for coming up with such a creative idea, noting that it is the best project she has so far jumped onto in her music career.

“Looking back at the handwork and sacrifice that everyone involved in this music-making process put in makes me feel so happy and excited about the direction of our music industry. From the Songwriters, Vocal directors, producers, Instrumentalists, the DJs, and our executive producer/ founder here at Masters Entertainment, Master Brisco. A lot of work has gone into this Album and we are very confident that everyone who listens to this work will find something they can love and enjoy,” she said.

“MASTERPIECE – The Album is a body of work containing 15 Tracks written, mixed, and Mastered here at Masters records with the wonderful team of Producers, Vocal directors, and Songwriters who are all young and full of energy. I am glad to say that the future of our music industry is in safe hands because it’s so nice to see a new group of Talented people who are very focused, passionate, and love what they do. We Joke around that this is a Big Budget Album achieved in a Guerrilla type of work,” she noted.

On the other hand, Masters Record label unveiled four measures in which they intend to make music more profitable to all the stakeholders but also more enjoyable to the fans.

They include;

Music Consumer (Fan) centered Music making process.

Oyesigye noted that music fans have always been on the receiving end of music and have not been considered as the strongest stakeholder yet are truly the ones who keep this industry afloat.

“We are now bringing the “Celebrities/Stars” closer to the fans and scaling that using technologies such as Tiktok and Snapchat and many other tools we now have access to foster that relationship and conversation between fans and the Musicians who create this work they enjoy.”

Building a strong Songwriter’s and Producers community to foster innovation of the music sound in Uganda

According to him, songwriters and producers “are the unsung heroes” of the music industry, who have not only been neglected but most times have been ostracized and have not received their due share of the pie of the industry both in revenue and in attention.

“As a record label we are going back to the roots of the industry and directly partnering with the foundation of the music industry that is the Songwriters and Producers.”

He added that “As a record label, we are going to engage our Legal arm heavily to enforce the copyrights and Master rights that this group creates through their creative works. In addition, we shall deploy new innovative ways for this group of people to earn from their works through derivatives.”

Artist-centered sound innovation + Hit making Factory

“There has always been a question in this industry that states: What does Ugandan Music Sound like? We all know that Nigeria has its Afrobeat distinct sound, Amapiano for SA, Bongo Flavia for Tanzania and so on. But the Ugandan sound is hard to pinpoint.”

Oyesigye says as a record label, they are deciding not to create a specific “Sound” but to build upon their artists and partners to provide the most innovative sound that makes the artist shine through like the stars they are.

“With a large pool of songwriters and Producers in our docket, we believe we shall be able to bring the best out of every artist we work with as with evident with this new Project we are launching today!”

Music as an Asset: Innovative marketing and income generating activities to earn more from the art.

The current state of making money in this industry is to Create Music -> Shoot a Music Video -> Send it all to TV and hope to get a Hit. In case you do get a Hit, then you can do an “Album launch” and hopefully the song remains relevant enough for Promoters to keep booking you.

However, Masters says this is a very “Rat Race” strategy as it has left those musicians/artists/ songwriters who are not extroverted to keep making news and staying relevant at a disadvantage

“The Music Industry has about 20+ ways any stakeholder can make money and as a record label we shall exploring all the possibilities that this Music Asset provides with all our new partners who join us on this journey from Tiktok Sounds, Podcasting, Innovative Distribution, Music Synching and Licensing in movies and games, global music collaboration among others.”

The Album Listening/Release party will be held on September 30th, 2022 at the Viewpoint, Hotel Diplomate.

The event was sponsored by GnarsDAO which recently launched its new Skateboard initiative in Uganda with Gnarfrica. Gnarfrica is gnarsDAO extension for sponsoring extreme athletes in Africa for sports such as skateboarding, roller skating, dirt biking and many others.

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