Bad Black Names Herself Snail Baby

Bad Black Names Herself Snail Baby

Kampala socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black has decided to change her name to Snail Baby.

She said since she is a changed person now, she prefers being called Snail Baby in the year 2017.

Appearing on Bukedde TV, Bad Black an ex-convict said she is now a savedee and even plans to start up a church in Kampala.

She added that she would not respond to anyone who addresses her by the old name following all the trouble that came with it in the past.

According her, the intuition associated with the nomenclature ‘Bad Black’ includes serving a four-year jail sentence.

“It’s 2017, a new year so I expect everything to be new that’s why I am adding ‘Snail Baby’ to my name,” she added.

On why she adopted a new name, she said; “Just like a snail, slow but sure. Expect more from me this year.”

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