Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Ugandan artist Bebe Cool was held at Kiira Police Station on Wednesday for punching one of his female dancers only known as Rita when she, with other dancers decided to approach Bebe Cool to demand for their money for dancing in his “Kamwako” video and the concert.

This was after they saw his “Big Size” hammer parked at a Petrol station and decide to use the opportunity to confront him since he has been dodging their calls.

Taken by surprise, Bebe Cool and his Gagamel crew resorted to beat ย Rita who got serious bruises on her face and body.

The other dancers survived narrowly.

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28 thoughts on “Bebe Cool Assaults Dancer

  1. man bebe better style up n grow up before u turn 40. u sometimes shock us as lovers of ugandan music

  2. my man i love u and i respect in terms of your music but stop doing fun fun fun things, and remember the main heading of your song kamwako big siz stop bad charect your not bobi wine

  3. What is wrong with guy? am now i don’t understand him, one day someone will punched
    him he will not believe it. he is a bad news now.

  4. And you still vote him the best?
    Something must be seriously wrong with those who vote for such artists.

    1. @ Japecho. He’s voted because of his music, surely you understand that. It’s absurd what he did to that poor girl and I’d punch him in the face for that but let’s face it. . . the guys music is awesome.

  5. Let them sue for their work and damages. He doesn’t have money to pay them because he’s spending most of his money at gas stations. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    Bebe Cool, dump the Hammer If you cannot afford it.

  6. Lets…try 2 be good to people on our way up de ladder bse we shall definately need them on our way down…

  7. That bebe is such adisgrace in asociety no wonder he has nothing to show as succesful musician bcse he’s engaged in petty fight with almost everybody! Imagin fighting ayoung female dancer!! You need aserious psychatric attention man!

    1. R u sure he has nothing to show or less to show compared to what his colleagues do have?

  8. Queen dancers MUST learn to demand for their dues before performing any live show so that people like Bebe Cool have no access to such embarrassing scenario..

  9. You people, you are rushing to judge Bebe Cool. For heavens, is that the way they demand for money. What were the terms and conditions. Those girls are being used to tarnish the guys name. You dont shout abuses at someone in public just in the name of asking for your money. They should have gone to report to police if really he had not paid them

  10. You are right Dorah. People rush to pass blame before they know the whole story. What were the terms of payment. Come do we know those were not mere talkers? Did they have appointment to meet at the gas station? If they were not paid for appearing in the Video, how did they continue to offer their services i.e dancing at the launch? Many Quesions…..before we conclude on who was in the wrong.

    1. Most of this type of people (Bebe Cool) pay their way out of police/judicial proceedings. Lets face facts if the girls had to call him out for non payment,most likely it true. As Ugandans we should be fed up of peope who take others for granted and do not respect their immediate needs as well. Law enforcement has failed to curtail corruption in this nation, Bebe Cool will pay out his way as well. Lets call out all thieving with impunity.

  11. No decent man will lay a finger on a woman. no no temuli magezi. if one shouts let them shout,violence is bad.

  12. No place in civilised society for men who beat women,That’s somebody’s sister or girlfriend you messed up with.

  13. this world still has problems .they would have reported him to police instead of be-shaming him like that

  14. I agree with you Dorah, there are better way to sort debt issues but you dodn’t find someone at a gas station at midnight and start demanding for money when yo even drunk.
    Era really queen dancers

  15. @Dorah,

    Spot On. I am not cordoning Bebe’s violent act. However; in show biz, there are ways such issues as payment for services rendered are resolved. Not in a public place by hurling insults to your Debtor / Boss.

  16. People should know how 2 demand 4 their money approach matters & also if thats the way he is doing then the law will take its cause.

  17. I can see how some people are wicked.using others like a ladder then they kick it away no wonder they will remain eying at the parent’s property Bebe better style up.

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