Bebe Cool Show Flops, Bounced By Police

Bebe Up-close With His Belle At The Concert

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Award winning Ugandan musician and Gagamel Entertainment Crew boss Bebe Cool a.k.a Moses Sali was on Saturday night left disappointed after the Uganda Police forced him to end his kamwako concert ‘ahead of time’.

Bebe Cool who was on Friday night launching his latest album Kamwako at Kyadondo Rugby grounds in the capital Kampala brought the concert to an end a few minutes to 2am crying foul over the Police’s decision.

The Uganda Police was providing security at the grounds where empty seats that have hitherto become synonymous with flopped music shows were a common sight. The early drizzle was singled out as the cause of this.

The singer had promised his fans who attended the launch that he would be singing all his 50 plus songs, however this was not to be as the Police told him to quickly end the gig as they suspected ‘trouble’ at the grounds.

Bebe Up-close With His Belle At The Concert

According to the Police, the show was supposed to end at midnight and at 1am they felt he had gone beyond the stipulated time and to show their seriousness, Police officers were seen appearing on stage as Bebe Cool performed much to the chagrin of the artist who later had no kind words for the force.

“During the battle of champions, I had 15,000 fans attending and you (Police) interfered with the show…now that I have my 8,000 peaceful fans, you are doing the same…is the Police against me?” a visibly angry Bebe asked.

The Police were not prepared to have any of this and stuck to their guns forcing the singer to leave out some songs and do the night’s theme song akamwako. The moment he started performing the song, fans could be seen walking away from the grounds putting a seal to the show as a flop.

Bebe Cool challenged the force to do the same to Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul who is expected to perform in Kampala next weekend lest they be seen as biased.

Low Turn-up, Empty Seats Were The Hallmark Of The Show

“Next weekend Sean Paul must also end his show at midnight, if it does not happen, shame upon you Police” Bebe Cool dared.

However, most of Bebe Cool’s fans who attended said he was solely to blame as he interrupted the proceedings by demonstrating what he called the ‘other side of me’ when he briefly turned the concert into a charity event.

During the course of the concert, Bebe invited on stage primary Pupils to perform a skit, they are children from a group that the artist sponsors. The time they spent on stage left many irritated.

The singer will borrow a leaf from this and maybe stick to music the next time he is launching an album.

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  1. As earlier, said,the guy does not command any fan base.he claims the other time he had 15000 fans,now by 2.00a.m,the turn up was 8000 fans-if true! Then, if i could ask,the so called big,was he expecting more pple beyond that time? Pse r.p,remind the guy,that every thing has an end,is in limbo.

  2. that was expected from such a disorganized mind who thinks its all about talking (akamwako) i think he has realized his levels.

  3. I have never been a fan of bebe and his music sucks. In Uganda they want to be referred to as celebrities.

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