Besigye Endorses Muntu For President

Gen Muntu

Gen Muntu

FORUM FOR Democratic Change President, Col.Kizza Besigye has finally endorsed Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntuyera to be the next FDC president. This was disclosed by the FDC vice chairperson who is also the Rubaga Mayor, Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo, during a meeting with FDC delegates from Luweero, Nakaseke and Nakasongola convened Monday at Migyera Catholic Parish in Migyera Town Council, Nakasongola district.

While campaigning for Muntu, Ssebugwawo told delegates that she is the closest person to Besigye and knows much about him and what he wants. “Do you know who I am? If you see Joyce just know you are with Besigye. I am his best close friend and I know what he wants. Do you understand me? I am with Col. Besigye; so we have a reason why we are behind Gen. Muntu,” she said.

Ssebugwawo added that Besigye decided to step aside to give chance to other members of the party to hold top office following several election malpractices and vote rigging by the Electoral Commission. She said: “We decided to stand behind Muntu because he can change the country. Several NRM MPs and other camps are only waiting for Muntu’s victory to join FDC; that is why I am here to represent Col Besigye.” In an exclusive interview with Ssebugwawo, she declined to comment further saying she was discussing secret party issues with the delegates.

However Gen Muntu vowed to trounce anybody who will stand in his path to FDC presidency. Speaking with fury while canvassing for his votes, Muntu said several allegations are being spread over like those accusing him of being a mole and non-citizen of Uganda among others, but he is determined to crush to pieces whoever will make him fail his presidential bid.

Vehemently speaking than never before, the retired Gen. asked his supporters to make thorough research to establish his nationality before thinking of baseless utterances. Asking the delegates for their support, he noted the need for them to place the three contenders under a ‘miscroscope’ and choose the best candidate to steer the party to achieve its goals. Muntu described himself as the best because he is determined, honest and not a coward. Muntu, who was accompanied by among others Kampala Woman MP Nabilah Naggayi and Ssebuggwawo, later headed to Migyera Town Council to meet residents, where he solicited for their support for his bid for FDC president.

Muntu disclosed that several generals in the army including Gen. David Tinyefuza are waiting for his victory to overthrow the government which is filled with segregation, corruption and misuse of power. Muntu is vying for the top FDC seat with the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Nathan Nandala Mafabi and Tororo County MP, Geoffrey Ekanya. The polls are scheduled for November 22.

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21 thoughts on “Besigye Endorses Muntu For President

  1. Isn’t this beyond?. please limit the companion to F DC and do not go to the generals in the army.

  2. There is no evidence in the story to back the heading. This is biased reporting! There is no where Besigye is quoted by the reporter. It is Sebugwawo who is purportedly representing his view. She even doesn’t say that Besigye told her but she says she is close to him and basically her reading of his mood is thus. Even someone in Mafabi’s camp can say that because after all, Besigye has not backed any one candidate publicly. It should be noted that Muntu is brave but he did not walk alongside Besigye in their walk to work campaign. Someone in Mafabi’s camp can say that he has something to prove!

  3. I think FDC needs Muntu. Muntu should however maintain Mafabi in his cabinet. In FDC, we need change. This slogan of no change means underdevelopment for the country.

    1. If its true that Bes has endorsed Muntu then its unfortunate because he said the vote will decid

  4. I’d join FDC in an instant. I trust Muntu completely. He is a honest man, I’d trust him with my money, my wife, my children in a will. Let us know how we can help you _ Website, blog, bank account, etc.

  5. Well! Well! Why would Besigye try and divide his party as outging Party President! I would rather that he remains neutral and supports the party reconciliation process regardless of who wins this key docket!

    May the best Candidate win and May peace prevail in FDC!!!

  6. Am a movement sympathieser.But as we are in our evening days.Muntu is the only LCM. He can unite all the factions and furious generals b’se of his respected character.

  7. Dont be daft,Besigye wont say such nonsense! He is head and very understanding man! This the propaganda of this paper promoting sectarianism and tribalism whichs wrong and pathetic!

  8. well, who am I to say no? Muntu is by far the best candidate. after a very long time without alignment to any party, i think i would join FDC if he’s voted. good wishes general!

  9. Gen.Muntu is a person who is able to be the president of uganda 2016, b’se is millitary guy,open minded,& forcused who knows what uganda wants.

  10. I already stated my position on this kind of issue just when the FDC campaigns started;that the only presidential candidate FDC can front and be able to get even the votes of NRM(Museveni voters) like us is Gen.Muntu. Short of that,we shall vote M7.Presidency needs level headed people not radicals.

  11. Politics&Politics only,let’s just wait and see what da vote decides otherwise for now stop da speculations.

  12. He is the right man not only having clean record right from the army but he is a clear headed man.
    above all he is a handsome man,Uganda will be blessed to have a handsome president.Not like mbabazi and the rest
    gangs of old dogs who can not learn new tricks.

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