Pupu Ice Cream Factory Closed

PUBLIC health officials from Kampala Capital City Authority, (KCCA) yasterday discovered an ice cream factory which has been operating from a dilapidated pit latrine structure in Erisa Zone,Kawempe Division.

Led by KCCA’s Henry Mugerwa, Prince Mulondo and area Councillor, Abaasi Kyegombe, the team closed the factory until the owners acquire technical advice on the operation of the factory from the Public Health department at KCCA. To close the factory, officials cited poor sanitation standards in which ‘Kawomera’ ice cream has been manufactured including using unboiled water, operating near a pit latrine, using unhygienic equipment and the employees looking unhealthy with very dirty clothes.

Area residents told Red Pepper that they have been living in a state of fear especially with their children who have been consuming the ice cream ignorantly. Although the factory owner, John Barigye tried to convince the KCCA officials not to take issues higher, this did not stop them from arresting him, and closing his site.

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  1. Well done KCCA, although you have improved the condition and general situation in the city, your achievements are not yet even 10% of the problems facing the general public. Please move out there and identify more other life threating practises in the city. People are just living on GODs protection and will, the situation is not good at all. Take close look at the eat places and cooking facilities, drink joints, meat selling points, frizers/reefer containers. public toilets, gabage collection points and others. I can see KCCA you are on the right track to salvage kampala City.

    Bravo KCCA

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