Besigye: I am Working With Sejusa

Former FDC President Kiiza Besigye

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Rtd Col. Dr Kiiza Besigye has confirmed that he met now renegade General David Sejusa in London and as you read this, the two are working closely to make President Museveni’s regime history.

There have been press reports alleging that the two former National Resistance Army (NRA) comrades met in London.

However, while addressing a rally on Sunday in Gayaza, Kiiza Besigye confirmed the news saying the two met and that they are now planning together to bring down the Kampala regime led by President Yoweri Museveni, according to a post Ingrid Turinawe made on her Facebook wall quoting the FDC stalwart. Turinawe is the former chairperson of FDC’s Chairperson Women league.

Dr Kiiza Besigye says he and Sejusa are now working together.
Dr Kiiza Besigye says he and Sejusa are now working together.

“It’s true i met Sejusa in London, we are planning together, M7 is going.” Besigye said while addressing the Gayaza rally.

“We met and discussed and agreed on some issues. But I can’t comment more than that. It is not only Dr Besigye I have met” General Sejusa said after the meeting.

A screen shot showing Ingrid Turinawe quoting Besigye.
A screen shot showing Ingrid Turinawe quoting Besigye.

Sejusa has been holed up in London since April this year after a letter he wrote directing the head of Uganda’s Internal Security Organization (ISO) to probe claims that there was a plot to bump off senior politicians and members of the army opposed to an alleged scheme to have Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba, son to president Museveni replace his father, referred to as the ‘Muhoozi Project’.

Besigye, Tinye Relationship

Dr Besigye and Sejusa have had a tumultuous relationship. They both participated in the Museveni led 5 year guerrilla war that catapulted the latter to power in 1986.

In fact, Dr Besigye was Sejusa’s best man at the latter’s wedding in 1987. It is said that at the time they were holding Tinyefuza’s wedding meetings, Museveni once summoned the duo to State House Entebbe and told them he had received information that the meetings were, in fact, convened to overthrow his government.

During the Constituent Assembly, Dr Besigye and Gen. Sejusa, then called Tinyefuza, together with fallen UPDF officers, late Lt. Col. Sserwanga Lwanga and the late Noble Mayombo, portrayed themselves as a foursome that would put Uganda’s interests at the forefront.

The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza
The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza

Their combined contributions to the CA debates on governance issues became some of the most contentious points of debate, sometimes attracting strong reaction from their commander-in-chief, Mr Museveni.

However, both Besigye and Sejusa became erstwhile political enemies when the former fell out with president Museveni’s regime in 1999 accusing the president of backtracking on the ideals that inspired them to fight.

While still coordinator of Uganda’s Intelligence, General Sejusa masterminded the cruel arrest of Besigye in 2005 on treason charges, which court later dismissed.

Then, Sejusa accused Ugandan judges of siding with wrongdoers instead of helping the State get rid of terrorism.

“Why don’t they want to help the State?” an angry Tinyefuza charged “Why don’t they see the problem of terrorism? Why don’t they want to give the State a chance to prove its cases? Why are they looking as if they are always siding with the offenders?” he said.

Last year, however signs of discontent by Sejusa with the regime began to show after he authored an indicting letter about impunity, corruption and violence in the country.

Besigye used this opportunity to invite Sejusa to join the opposition; an invitation the latter dismissed claiming the opposition in Uganda was “confused”.

However, with his recent fallout with the Museveni regime, Sejusa may want to interest himself with the group he once dismissed as “confused” since it provides the only avenue for his public ambitions to oust his former boss.

Their recent meeting will certainly not come as good news to the Kampala regime since it appears that the two have certainly buried the hatchet and it waits to be seen how the Kampala administration will respond to this renewed friendship.



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  1. Yes, Museveni is going, I agree. The despot has lost ground and there can be no doubt that his days are numbered. Long live Uganda.

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  2. It will be joy joy joy on streets of Kampala and Uganda at large i assure you. Time is just ripe.

  3. I dont like Sejjusa at all. He has never apologized for the mistreatment he unleashed on the opposition and the Northern Uganda people. Many people died under his hand.For a very long time this man has been Museveni’s Bull dog.

    He is greedy and doesnt have the energy to oppose museveni consistently. He is the type that will pocket a million dollars from M7 and sell every body that he has worked with because his intention is not about the country. Its a bout himself.

    This selfish and cowardly individual. He is now in London thinking he will make a political point by talking about Kazini and Kayira’s death. Why doesn’t he talk about his crimes first. Just recently he was fighting and kicking to steal a KCCA house. Now you can imagine how many things he has grabbed since his Junta took over power. Please some body tell me how I can trust this man.

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