Besigye is Reckless — M7

President Museveni has said that Besigye’s proposal to pay primary school teachers a one million salary is reckless and can damage the National Resistance Movement (NRM) protestation mission.


Addressing media today morning at Arua state lodge after wrapping up campaigns in West Nile, Museveni noted that government’s priority is building infrastructure.

“Kizza Besigye is thinking about his reckless plan of increasing wages at the expense of infrastructure. We are putting the main money on things that are used by everybody. Roads are used by veterans, their families etc…” he said.

“Besigye wants to destroy prioritization (what we are doing). (He says) Let’s not work on dams, but increase salaries.”

Besigye’s promise has attracted criticisms from ruling party officials arguing that the promise is not achievable.

Minister in charge of the Presidency Kampala Frank Tumwebaze argued that while it would be good to pledge Shs1million salaries, it can result into unsustainable huge recurrent expenditure.

Museveni who is the ruling party presidential candidate said he will respect the constitution on age limit and will go back to his ‘job’ as a cattle keeper if he loses next year’s presidential election.

He also said he not power hungry.

“Power hungry? No. I am not power hungry, but mission hungry. I am not in politics to look for money. It’s not my job,” he said.

Responding to Amama Mbabazi who challenged government to release death report of Nobel, Museveni said;

“The report is there. Mayombo died a natural death which was clear. His late father saw the report,” adding “If you want us to publish Mayombo report, we can publish it, and it is there.”

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