Besigye, Lukwago Arrested At Independence Celebrations

Kiiza Besigye (L) and Mayor Erias Lukwago were charged

Ugandan Retired Col. and former FDC president Dr Kiiza Besigye, Kampala city Lord Mayor and Ingrid Turinawe have been arrested in Rukungiri district, western Uganda where the national independence celebrations are being held.
Opposition leaders (L-R) Makumbi, Lukwago and Besigye
Opposition leaders (L-R) Makumbi, Lukwago and Besigye
The trio were arrested after they walked out of National independence celebrations in Rukungiri in protest to Ofwono Opondo’s comments that the People of Rukungiri requested that the celebration be held in their district in order to recommit their faith in President Museveni and the NRM.

According to a post on Lukwago’s Facebook wall, they are still being held in a police van in the compound of Dr Kiiza Besigye. “We are still in detention in a police van parked in the compound of Dr. Besigye’s home in Rukungiri” he wrote.

Besigye’s appearence at the celebrations had raised speculation among some circles in the Ugandan public that he could be a probable recipient of a medal.

Medals are usually awarded to individuals who have contributed to national development at national celebrations.

President Museveni awarded the highest medal given to Heads-Of-State in Uganda to visiting Mozambigue President Armando Guebuza.

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