Besigye pledge to Start a Farmers’ Bank


Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye yesterday said his government will start a farmers’ Bank that will be providing cheap loans.

Addressing a rally in Bududa, Besigye said his government will also start commercial banks that will provide capital to traders.

“We shall establish a farmers’ bank for farmers; commercial banks are for traders,” he said, adding “We import food from dry Egypt to feed people near River Manafwa…neglecting agriculture is very irresponsible.” He also promised build modern “food silos and guarantee farm gate prices.”

On education, Besigye said since government spent $760m to buy 6 fighter jets, his government can get $360m to buy laptops for secondary students.”

On health, he said hospitals in Uganda are death traps. “If I entered a hospital in Uganda, I would get out sick. They’re death traps”

Besigye has attracted huge crowds in Eastern Uganda including in small trading centres that he is visiting.

While in Bukarasa sub county Bududa district elgon region, a Mudslide prone area, residents told Besigye that Govrnment has failed to full fill its pledges to landslide victims.

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