Biker! Deputy Speaker Oulanyah rides high-performance motorbike to Parliament

Kampala – The ‘Social-distancing’ bug bites Uganda’s Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah on Friday, May 8, leading up his riding to Parliament in a motorbike.

The Deputy Speaker swerved into the parliament’s parking ‘burning rubber’ accompanied by his security detail leaving the journalists and parliament security in sheer confusion.

“I am living my life! I am a biker,”flambouyant Oulanyah responded when asked why he rode to Parliament

“When I used to ride around Kampala, some errant driver knocked me around meatpackers- even when I had avoided him. That put a hold to me riding in Kampala but not in the village,” Oulanyah recounts his bad ordeal with an errant driver.

Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah pull over into Parliament’s parking Frida Morning

“Four years later I am glad to be back on Kampala streets,” added Deputy Speaker.

Following the sanctioning of the lockdown in efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, motorcyles and bicycles have taken the centre stage in appreciation of the attestation typical social-distancing.

This prompted a ban of private and public transport in the country with exception of essentials workers cleared by Ministry of Works and Transport

This environment prompted the youthful Oulanyah to jump out of his skin – pulling over on his high-performance BMW series motor

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