Bobi Wine Defends Brother In Missing School Girl Saga

Self proclaimed Ghetto President Bobi Wine has come out to defend his little brother Michael Mukwaaya well known as Mickie Wine who is accused of hosting a school girl who has been missing for over two weeks.


In a spirit of brotherhood, the Ghetto gladiator said that all those are lies and that his brother is very innocent.

“I have always said that a lie will always get itself half way around the world before the truth can get a chance to put its pants on,” said Bobi Wine on Social media.

Bobi wine further posted a picture while posing with his brother at his mansion in Magere to prove that his brother is not behind bars.

A few days ago, Mickie Wine was arrested by Kasangati Police officers after they were tipped off by residents that he was staying with the missing school girl

Sources at Kasangati Police post revealed that upon the arrest, Mickie Wine asked to be forgiven and requested that the matter be settled without police.

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