Ghetto President Bobi wine on stage

Self proclaimed ghetto president Bobi Wine has been denied a UK Visa because of his comments on homosexuality.


The ghetto gladiator was supposed to perform in Birmingham on August 24 but the management of the hall where he was to stage the concert put it on halt following an outcry from equal rights groups.

An online campaign has been conducted on the internet to deny Bobi Wine from performing in European countries like UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark and many more.

The Gays accuse Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, for promoting and instigating homophobia through his music, tweets and Facebook posts. A post such as, “So Obama comes to Africa with his wife and kids to promote homosexuality? ……….. Oh what a shame. Obama you can be a fagot and a hypocrite, but pliz keep off our children, our morality and our culture.”

Bobi Wine stressed that canceling his concerts won’t force him to support homosexuality

“I am a Ugandan not a Londoner and am following the Ugandan constitution. I did not make the laws, I follow them,” said Bobi Wine.

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13 thoughts on “Bobi Wine Denied UK Visa

  1. Everything has got two sides,so can’t both pro and con of homosexuality understand each other’s view? I feel Ugandans are blackmailed!

  2. Whatever, forbidden by God,will always be wrong and Bad no matter how evil will try conquer the World.

    1. mugisha john if God really doesnt want homosexuals why dont you let him deal with them, why must the entire country be at tentahooks drafting a senseless law when God could solve this problem easily. God loves all people for we exist because he wants us to. That is why they were created the way they are, not so. Even God doesnt like thieves but most of the ugandans baying for blood of homos are thieves and murderers, what a hypocrisy!!

  3. Yes you are right but that is a long way off for Uganda. Possible way is change of attitude through education but our government is not keen on that.

  4. Just imagine no wages for teachers on time, no medicine and poor infrastructure in Uganda but headlines is about personal views which he is entitled to. Regardless of your sexuality I believe you need to live in country with good education,hospital,transport,employment,housing and economy. That is what matters to Uganda than this emotional charged topic by a minority. Let us put a closure and seek for the basics. Everyone has a problem in relationship. Sir Boby long live.

    1. O.K. When you put it that way, it becomes hard to argue with you. Very well said on your part. We need the basics. Quit letting these loud peoples distract us with this nonsense, when we need basic quality of life.

  5. Bobi, if you were going to perform for HOMOS, They will miss your music. You wont miss their company. They are just HOMOS, ignore them and just move on. You have nothing to lose.

  6. bakubye, i think haters of gays like most Ugandans are the ones who are very intolerant and when europeans governments show their intolerance to your intolerance you complain. If you cannot as little as co-exist with a homosexual who is going about his business and does not intrude in your affairs even when yo heterosexual orientation disgusts him/her too, why would you expect to be welcomed in a country which has laboured so much to reach a level where all human beings irrespective of sexual orientation are treated the same. I mean Africans we are very funny people. We all want to go to europe, live in europe and enjoy our life there but when such a thing happens we say okay let them stay in their country and us in ours. Do you know how much money Uganda gets from tourism? how many Ugandans have ever been to kidepo or rwenzori national parks or paid for gorrilla tracking? How much of our deveolpment budget do we meet ? Now why would you expect me to buy your family food, clothe it and you still want to have autonomy but keep my goodies?

    1. No. We do not “all” want to live in Europe. Please. Do not have such false ideas in your mind, naboma. I reject all this talk from those that would say that.

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