BoU Shuts Down Global Trust Bank After Shs.60Bn Losses

The Bank of Uganda has revoked the license of Global Trust Bank Uganda. The central bank has also concluded a purchase and assumption of Global Trust Bank with DFCU Bank Ltd in exercise of its powers as a liquidator, we  have learnt.
Global Trust
Global Trust Bank (Uganda) Limited started operating as a commercial bank in Uganda in 2008. It is owned by an African Sub-regional financial group (IGI Plc) from West and East Africa list of both corporate and individual investors each holding no more than 5% of “the issued and authorized share capital of the Bank. 45.3% of its share capital is owned by Nigeria’s largest insurance company ‘Industrial and General Insurance Company Plc. (IGI)’ with a total asset base of US$ 322Million.

Although its official reports indicate that Global Trust bank broke even in 2011 and began making profits in 2012, with a capital Base of UGX69.55Billion and an asset Base of UGX97.98Billion as at September 30, 2013, the central bank asserts that it failed to become commercially viable, accumulating losses up to UGX60bn.

Bank of Uganda now advises all former Global Trust Bank borrowers to continue servicing their loan obligations with DFCU Bank Ltd.

“DFCU Bank Ltd has taken over all the deposits of Global Trust Bank in full. Depositors can access deposits and accounts from any DFCU branch, the central bank tweeted this afternoon.

Central Bank Governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile says the closure of Global trust Bank will not have any effect on the financial sector due to its low market share. He further reassures the public that we will continue to protect depositor’s interests and maintain the stability of the sector.

“BOU can not prevent commercial banks from failure but BOU will strive to ensure that if and when Banks fail, disruptions are minimal,” reads the statement.

Prior to its closure, Global Trust Bank was evaluating the introduction of Sharia banking in Uganda.

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