Museveni Fires Air-force Generals

Jim Oweyesigire (L) and Moses Rwakitarate.

Jim Oweyesigire (L) and Moses Rwakitarate.

Ugandan president and also Commander-in-Chief (CiC) of the Armed Forces, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, has finally wielded the axe and knifed the top two air force  Commanders over the chopper crash which claimed seven lives and the country’s three most expensive military choppers.

The incident happened last month and his own brother Gen. Salim SALEH has been conducting a commission of inquiry into the saga.
Reacting in the immediate aftermath of the chopper saga, Museveni said some characters in the army’s command had been negligent. He even issued a statement saying he would not accept anything like the choppers had confronted bad weather in the Mt. Kenya area where they crashed.
Acting on Gen. Salim Saleh’s report over the Mt. Kenya chopper crash, the President fired Airforce commander Lt. Gen Jim Oweyesigire and Chief of Staff (CoS), Brig. Moses Rwakitarate.

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6 thoughts on “Museveni Fires Air-force Generals

  1. Ok, we now see the President acting. But lives were lost in this incident, can Ugandans get to know what exactly happened if the report of inquiry has been submited. It is in the interest of all Ugandans to know WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED so that the next appointees into those positions will not repeat the same mistakes.

  2. The heavy weight champion of the Airforce, Gen. Jim funally falls belly up.
    This officer had turned the airforce into his personal business.He Supressed the professionasl and propped the ignorant. Then there comes his bag boy, Rwakitarate, one of the most incompetent officers I have ever seen. Arrogant, tribalistic, eccentric name it.
    Good move mzee

  3. But Okello, i feel sorry for you to bother commenting on this article. The Nepotism and tribalism is disgusting. Just mind your business my friend

  4. I dont agree with M7 on firing the senior officers in Air force. First of all he deployed those officers well knowing that they do not have any technical knowledge about air force and aviation. The action taken against those 02 officer is regrettable. he should have transferred them or demote them.

    Do you think that these officers will sit home and watch? Lt Gen and Brig. are ranks which should not just be undermined.

    There are many commission of inquiries which have been carried out in this country, why is it that president picked interest in this of chopper crash?
    Are choppers more valuable than people who were killed in Kasubi by Military personnel. I hope the case or their dismissal is much more than mere crashing.

  5. The President has done the right thing. He should also bring back other Airforce veterans like general masaba, general Ali Kiiza, General Zedekia Maruru, Colonel Mubiru, etc, etc, without whom it will be difficult to rebuild the Airforce to its former glory. Those officers did it before (in the 1970s) they are still around, strong and can do it again

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