Fans Shocked By Brenda Nambi’s Hajji Video

Brenda Nambi

Ex Obsessions and HB Toxic singer Brenda Nambi has released a new Hajji Video but her fans are still in shock since the video is not far from being described as pornographic movie.

Brenda Nambi
Brenda Nambi

In the new video, Brenda Nambi is seen dressed in Bikini that exposes all her body parts apart from the ‘eclipse’.

The Video came at a time when Brenda is trying to recover from a trauma she suffered when her nude pictures leaked to the public.

It remains a controversy among her fans to why Brenda has decided to go nude while in public.

Pals close to Brenda have revealed that she is going naked such that she gets back on top since the rate at which she has been declining musically is worrying.

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6 thoughts on “Fans Shocked By Brenda Nambi’s Hajji Video

  1. Freedoms and Rights abused like this,what a hell is this?God help Uganda.

  2. Wow, I’ve watched the video over and over back to back. This babe is clearly out to cut a niche out of the music industry by acting like a complete slut ………..Well I know sex sells, but if thats her point, then she might as well join Hugh Hefner’s play boy bunny ranch

  3. i watched the video in its entirety on Youtube and seen nothing shocking at all. The only nudity bits is when she is holding her boobs. To be honest i have seen face more explicit Videos on MTV.

  4. Now lets be sincere, i dont see anything wrong with her Video, the beat will be hitting hard, the flours will be full ate Dejay Mujo the number one will be giving them, Kati mwe mulabika temunalaba abaana, this is not worse than Kumala by simple Zebra, Lwaki onzalawa by seinex, mbu kafunda, Montana by siza, okimansuza 0:54 by Rabadabada, bubble ah gal, zi mansula, leave the Girl to give her Haji. However i watched too the Video to the end and i wanted to SEE what she wants to give Hajji unfortunately it did not come

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