British Tourist Dies Climbing Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon National Park hike

David Malcolm Prentice, a British mountain climbing promoter has died after developing breathing complications while hiking Mount Elgon, in Eastern Uganda.

Mount Elgon National Park hike
Mount Elgon National Park hike

Malcolm Prentice was in the company of another tourist whose identity has not been established yet. He has been marketing Mount Elgon to the United Kingdom under a program dubbed World challenge.

Jossy Muhangi, the Public Relations Manager of Uganda Wildlife Authority says the 72-year old tourist had been hiking the steep side of the mountain when he developed breathing complications. He was filming on the Suam trail of Mount Elgon when the tragedy occurred.

Muhangi says communication was sent to UWA offices in Mbale where nine rangers were deployed to join the six guides who had initially accompanied him, for a rescue. He however died as the guides carried him back to the trail head for medical attention.

This is the sixth time Malcolm had been on hiking on mountain Elgon.

He reportedly started hiking about six years ago and has been visiting the country every year since then. On the previous occasions he had reached the peak of the mountain both from Uganda and Kenya sides.

He is best known as an avid promoter of eco –tourism who had plans of developing and promoting new trails

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  1. UWA needs to put up a better explanation. I personally talked to the guides who were with this tourist and they told me the guy died due to the negligence of UWA. His complications arose out of extreme cold bacuae the guy was left alone in the cold the whole night and had nothing to cover

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