Brutality: Mbabazi Says Uganda Police Must Answer

Police addressing a rally in Northern Uganda.

Independent presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi has warned Uganda Police Force that it will explain the crude methods meted in his supporters in the ongoing presidential campaigns.

Police addressing a rally in Northern Uganda.
Police addressing a rally in Northern Uganda.

Addressing supporters in the northern districts of Alebtong, Otuke and Kole yesterday, the Go Forward presidential candidate said it was wrong for the police to fire live bullets and hurl teargas canisters at his supporters in Dokolo district on Monday where he arrived past time for a rally.

“I would like to apologize for yesterday’s incident with the Police. It was not the fault of the people that came to hear the Go Forward message that I was late. I explained this to Police and told them that all I wanted was a chance to apologize to the people who had waited all day. They did not listen and chose a crude method to disperse the crowd. We were aware that it was after 6pm and did not intend to campaign,” Mbabazi said.

He added; “These acts against innocent citizens are uncalled for and eventually, they will have to answer as to why they did these things.”


Explaining why he did not visit northern Uganda when he was the prime minister, he said “I did not come here as Prime Minister because under the office of the Prime Minister there is a Minister responsible for the Northern region. I nevertheless feel privileged to stand before you all today.”

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