Buchaman Vows not to return to Fire Base

Bucha and Bobi before the split


A few weeks ago, there was a rumor that the former Ghetto Republic Vice President Bucha Man was on his knees begging for a U-turn to Fire Base, however, info reaching us is that Bucha has rubbished the allegations.

Bucha and Bobi before the split
Bucha and Bobi before the split

Buchaman who quit Firebase a few years back over alleged exploitation by Bobi Wine was said to have asked Bobi for forgiveness.

“I can’t go back to the blood sucker…..”Buchaman said. Buchaman quit Firebase crew in 2011 claiming Bobi had been making him do the donkey work and paying him little dime for ten years.

Buchaman is well known for songs like ‘Lwaki temumatila’ and he also featured in songs like ‘Sunda’, ‘In the Dance’ with Gen. Mega Dee among others.


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