Besigye, 8 Others To Appear In Court Today Over Protests

Former FDC President Kiiza Besigye

Dr Kizza Besigye, the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president along with eight other opposition politicians are today expected to appear at Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s Court to answer to charges in connection to participating in the illegal demonstrations in the country.

Former FDC president Kiiza Besigye
Former FDC president Kiiza Besigye

Also expected in the dock are; Mr Mathias Mpuuga (MP Masaka Municipality), Ms Ingrid Turinawe (chairperson FDC women league), Mr Asuman Basaalirwa (Jeema party president), Mr Muwanga Kivumbi (Butambala County MP), Mr Francis Mwijukye (FDC youth mobiliser), Mr Munyagwa Mubaraka (Kawempe Division mayor) and Mr Chaapa Karuhanga (former presidential candidate).

The nine opposition leaders are expected to enter plea to the charges of holding unlawful assemblies in the country.

The nine were summoned on May 16, by Chief Magistrate Olive Kasaarwe.

Ingrid Turinawe
Ingrid Turinawe

According to the charge sheet, the opposition politicians are charged with eight counts in relation to managing unlawful society, being members of an unlawful society, uttering speech calculated to encourage support to unlawful society and allowing meeting to be held within their premises.

Further the charge sheet alleges that between April 20, 2012 and January 23, 2013 in different locations in Uganda, the opposition politicians and others still at large, managed an unlawful society called ‘For God and My Country’ 4GC.

Mr Karuhanga faces a separate charge of allegedly allowing a meeting organised by these opposition politicians to be held at his residence.

Shortly after the 2011 presidential elections, several opposition leaders including the nine who are to appear in court tomorrow started the ‘Walked-to-Work’ campaign to express dissatisfaction against the rising cost of essential commodities and also to identify with the common person.

Police attempts to block these demonstrations often led to running battles on the streets between the opposition politicians and security agents with residents caught in between.

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  1. These people are answerable to the masses and family of late Oriongo and other families which lost their beloved ones..Besiggye and group were basing their confusion on inflation which was due to food prices from the weather changes then.The president told people them that once rains come and food supply increases then the inflation would come down which is the case now.These people led demonstrations and the public lost their investments and lives.who used the way a leader should use to solve the problem without creating more problems.Every home in Uganda has a child who has basic economics,lets always ask to know where we are going other than following aimlessly people of their own selfish tendencies in the name of sympathy to the public.

    1. How many families have lost their dear ones on the hands of NRM,

      In most cases by the way i have never blamed President Museveni, i have a big blame on greedy, blind and myopic people like Ronald Besiima, who have no sense of direction, who can not ready ten years to come, whose aim is to eat to day without putting into account what will come next day, all what you are building on your side loosing them takes a minutes, visit people like Rwakasis, the Rulangalanga’s you will know what will come to u

      Pump in your stomach anything you want to day because you have the means prostrate be4 Museveni tell him is only one who can be the president and tell him that he is above death (immortal) but time for vomiting is near.

      For your information, your blamed Hon. Winne Byanyima, to be a bad person, you added Besigye, to day we have seen Sejusa, the Tumukunde, every day the list is increasing, the Kyakabale , the Mandys and others i do not know, and yet all these were true sons of NRM, SO BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR COMMENTS .

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