By Frank Mulu

Barely aged seven, Oliver ‘Ollie’ Fequiere, now 6, is the CEO of a bath bomb business which he founded in 2018.

The minor’s bath bombs come fitted with miniature toys in vibrant colours and themed uniquely so that they would make any child excited to have that bath.

Fequiere’s business gained the spotlight and attention of his classmates when he came up with the perfect item to share with his colleagues for show and tell.

Fequiere’s mum, Dara King, disclosed that the kids at her son’s school were asked to bring in something that they personally made and considered unique.

Daria indicated that her six-year-old son, who has been modelling for the past three years and really enjoys it, was not certain about what to present to his classmates.

At a friend’s birthday party, he presented his bath bomb as a gift to his friend who fell in love with his product.

The positive endorsement from his friend indicated that his product was the perfect idea to share with his colleagues.

His parents have been helpful. His dad does all the graphics and his mom, the making and he works on testing and takes the major decisions.

Frequiere also works on the packing and videos for all the products.

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