Parliament: No Money To Effect Teachers’ Pay Rise

Uganda parliament's budget committee meeting on Tuesday morning.

Ugandan Teachers will have to wait a little longer to realize the 20 percent pay rise they demand from the government.

The budget committee of parliament says there are no credible sources of funding to effect the 20% pay rise for teachers pledged by government.

Last week, Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament tasked the budget committee to scrutinize the budget and identify areas, where some money can be re-allocated to meet the teacher’s pay rise.

Uganda parliament's budget committee meeting on Tuesday morning.
Uganda parliament’s budget committee meeting on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday morning, Tim Lwanga, the chairperson of the budget committee said it would be unfortunate for them to lie to the teachers that they can get a pay rise because there is no money.

It came after the parliamentary budget office, which was tasked on Monday evening by the budget committee to identify areas where money can be got from to effect the pay rise presented a report to parliament indicating adverse consequences on development activities should any budget cuts be made.

Samuel Wanyaka, the director budget office told the committee after his office was directed to ascertain whether there are possibilities of raising 136 billion shillings required to raise the teacher’s salaries, his office re-examined the budget estimates for FY 2013/2014 and came up with four scenarios.

He says the areas selected for the proposed budget cuts included advertising, workshops and seminars, staff training, hire of venues, book, periodicals and News papers, welfare and entertainment, printing, stationary and photocopying, telecommunications, travel inland and Abroad, Fuel, Lubricants and Oils and Maintenance of vehicles and other equipment excluding a vote on Account, one third of the total allocation of these items, statutory votes, Missions and Local Governments.
Wanyaka said after making deductions they came up with Shs68bn, which couldn’t make the required 136 billion for a 20% pay rise for teachers. He warned that any budget cuts in the recurrent expenditure would have adverse consequences on development activities and programs aimed at future economic growth.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Last week, Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of parliament tasked the budget committee to scrutinize the budget and identify areas, where some money can be re-allocated to meet the teacher’s pay rise.
Speaker Rebecca Kadaga. Last week, she tasked the budget committee to scrutinize the budget and identify areas, where some money can be re-allocated to meet the teacher’s pay rise.

He noted that there is no scope for budgetary re-allocation in the current budget adding that, the only scope for funding salary increment over and above the 4% already awarded to teachers and any other public workers lies in finding new sources of income inform of taxes, loans or grants.

Wanyaka also reminded the budget committee of its earlier recommendation indicating that selective pay awards cannot cure industrial unrest but only escalate them.

The budget office noted that a salary review board is the only logical and sustainable method of pay review for public workers.

Geoffrey Ekanya, the shadow finance minister insisted that money could be got from the presidential budget, seminars, travels and others. However Tim Lwanga, the budget committee chairperson rubbished his proposals saying he was repeating what the Parliamentary budget office had suggested and told him to think of new sources of money.

Ekanya was excused to go out and identify areas from which money can be got. On his return, Ekanya told the committee that if budget cuts of 1.5% could be made across all sectors, the committee would be able to raise the Shs136bn shillings required to raise teacher’s salaries.

However most of the members of the committee and chairperson of committees refused this option.

Fox Odoa tasked Ekanya to clarify the implications the 1.5 cut on the health sector could make. As a result, Tim Lwanga, the committee chairperson said Ekanya’s proposals were not viable.

Nyakecho okwenye, Otuke District Woman MP told the committee that by the time government made an agreement with the teacher’s donor budget cuts were not predicted.

She however, said following the donor budget cuts, government was unable to fulfill its pledge. The committee is expected to table its report on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday before the debate on the teacher’s salary resumes.

However, Geoffrey Ekanya, the shadow finance minister has indicated his intention to table a minority report on the matter.

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8 thoughts on “Parliament: No Money To Effect Teachers’ Pay Rise

  1. Our Government, why did you commit yourself that the teachers will be paid 20%. You are like a parent who tells a child that I will bring you a cake upon my return and you come home empty handed. Remember children don’t forget the promises parents make. Very unfortunate for our children. I wont blame teachers because they need to survive in this harsh economic situation like other Ugandans.
    For God and my country.

  2. So teachers cannot get a reached and promised pay rise because the gpvernment is hard up due to un expected with holding of donor funds!!!
    I hope the government should tell the citizens that Donors cut Aid because of rampant corruption by a few people in government.
    It should also tell them that it has failed to punish them because they are now bigger than the teachers contribution to national development.
    Its the same government that has been chest thumping that it can do with out donor funds and there will be no social or economic problem??
    Its now clear that they have never told the truth , may be by accident!!
    The best think they can do is to request for forgiveness from all ugandans that they have failed to fight corruption and have not honoured any agreement with the citizens,
    may be hot air during elections ans should stop deceiving that cut of Aid has no effect on the economy.

  3. So are you telling me that if I won a gold medal tomorrow somehow you would not find a ka loose 200Million for me?

  4. How can promised pay rise to the school teachers become a problem when we have people in government in very high offices who are responsible for stealing millions of money with impunity? Corruption is at the core of high offices and no arrests or properties consifacated from these corrupt people. The president knows about the thieves in his government but finds it easy to deny teachers which they rightly deserve. Teachers are not thieves as those corrupt leaders we see all over the place who are shamelessly showing off with their looting from government and taxpayers. Fellow Uganda it is high time we use any means to liberate our country from the york of thieves who can even afford ignoring the country’s hardworking teachers and medical services.

  5. Funds can be found let them cut on state house spending, sending football supporters, defense budget, the funds set aside to be wasted.

  6. YOU say you have no money, because all the money is for investing in important areas and say teachers are not needed, what you call important areas still most of you do not know even what you are targeting to get, since you know nothing about anything see how much money we lose time and again in fake investments.
    How much money have we lost in trying to make National card . i think there is nothing important than a teacher per now that you should look at , while children future leaders but not fake like you are missing studies.

    Taxpayers have lost $41.8 million (more than Shs107.8billion) in
    an internet deal awarded to a Chinese company without competitive

    Public Accounts Committee investigating the scam
    found that corruption and negligence on the part of the technical people
    bungled the $106.5 million (about Shs274b) National Data

    This was under which ministry? a minister like this should resign making a country to lose that much when we have teachers crying, remember that this money did not drop in the lake, but in his stomach and the investors.

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