Buganda Vow To Fight Govt On Mailo Land

The Kingdom of Buganda have vowed to resist with all force necessary any attempts by the Central Government to abolish the M0ailo Land Tenure System.

Peter Mayiga the Kingdom’s Prime Minister said: ‘I want to immediately put them (government) on notice that we shall not allow that. We shall not give them space to play with people’s land. I don’t say this to excite.’

Mayiga said this on Tuesday at Bulange Mengo after news has broken the day before that the Commission Of Inquiry into Land matters chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire had recommended to government that Mailo Land Tenure System be abolished in Uganda.

Mayiga added: ‘ We have concrete points and that is why I oppose someone who says that (Mailo Land be abolished.)

The proposal to abolish Mailo Land was contained in an interim report by the commission which was handed over to the President by Justice Bamugemereire. A final report will be issued upon complete on the inquiry.

Mayiga said Mailo Land Tenure System was the not the cause of land problems in Uganda. He blames the problems of land on The Police, the RDCs, the corruption in the land registry offices and the increase in population for the endless land problems in the country.



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