Bugungu Secession Claims Diversionary – Bunyoro

Bunyoro Kingdom's Omukama Solomon Gafabusa iguru

Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has broken its silence on plans by the Bagungu to secede, describing the move as divisionary. Yolam Nsamba, the Principal Private Secretary to Bunyoro King, says the move is only intended to turn Bunyoro away from core issues. Diversionary

Kingdom officials have been hesitant to comment on the matter, more than two weeks after a group of Bagungu declared intensions to break away from Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. Last week Bunyoro Prime Minister Reverend Jackson Nsamba Kasozi declined to comment on the issue, saying he had only heard it in rumors.

But Yolam Nsamba, the Principal Private Secretary to Bunyoro King has spoken out. In an interview with Press, Nsamba described the move by Bagungu, one of the indigenous communities in Bunyoro, as divisionary only intended to turn Bunyoro’s minds away from core issues.
Although Nsamba was not elaborate on which core issues he was talking about, the kingdom has been pushing for 12.5% oil share for the oil discoveries in Hoima and Buliisa districts.

Nsamba also referred to the agitators of the Bukama Bwa Bugungu as ignorant of history. He says historically the Bagungu have never had a king. The palace official maintained that even if elected, the Bagungu cultural leader will still honor and respect Bunyoro king, since he will not be king himself.

Nsamba says there are already cultural roles in the Omukama’s palace specified for the Bagungu. He wonders what pushes them to agitate for an independent kingdom.
Our reporter  could not readily reach Edward Kabagambe, a member of the team pushing for Bugungu Kingdom, to comment on Nsamba’s comments. He however said last month that the Bugungu kingdom will not fight or in any way undermine mother Bunyoro Kitara kingdom. Kabagambe explained that his team would visit the Omukama to brief him on their move.

The pro- Bugungu group says they need a cultural leader to harness and preserve their cultural tradition which they say is on the verge of extinction under Bunyoro Kitara kingdom.

The Bugungu land comprises Buliisa district and some parts of Hoima and Masindi districts. On top of hosting the commercially viable oil deposits in Buliisa, Bugungu is also home to a number of tourist spots including the Bugungu Wildlife Conservation area, the western arm of the rift valley, the Kibiro hot springs and Lake Albert.

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