Buhweju By-election: Three Nominated

Fallen Buhweju woman MP Joy Karisa

Three candidates have been dully nominated to contest in the forthcoming Buhweju Woman Parliamentary by-elections due on 31st this month.

Fallen Buhweju woman MP Joy Karisa
Fallen Buhweju woman MP Joy Karisa

The seat fell vacant after the death of Joy Arinaitwe Kariisa, the NRM legislator who succumbed to cancer last month.

Those nominated are NRM’s Oliver Koyekyenga, FDC’s Jane frida Bwiruka and an independent candidate Alison Byamukama who was fronted by six of the candidates who lost in the NRM primaries.

Badru Kiggundu, the Electoral Commission Chairman is now camped in Buhweju to oversee the by-election. He has however warned candidates against holding public campaigns before 14th when campaigns will be officially opened.

Kigundu also asked voters to avoid hate speech, and desist from accepting bribes from candidates. He says this tantamount to vote rigging and should be resisted in order to promote free and fair elections

Meanwhile, Koyekyenga, The Official NRM candidate talked to local media about her mission in parliament and pledged to put more emphasis on improving the education sector, electricity and infrastructure development.

The FDC flag bearer observed the need for improved road infrastructure in order to ease transportation needs of the people of Buhweju and subsequently get them out of poverty through market access.

Also on her agenda is the teacher’s welfare which she says must be improved.

Meanwhile Alison Byamukama, the Independent candidate accuses Prof. Mushemeza the vice chairman of the NRM Electoral commission of taking a bribe from the Koyekyenga camp in order to rule in her favor.

She says much as they signed a commitment not to contest as independent candidates once they lost in party primaries, the NRM Electoral commission failed to meet its part of the bargain prompting them to revoke the commitment.

Elijah Mushemeza however denies taking sides and adds that Alison Byamukama must be dealt with politically since she has defied party orders to ban independent candidates.

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3 thoughts on “Buhweju By-election: Three Nominated

  1. Hmm is it me who doesn’t understand I thought when you stand as an independent your are representing no party? What is Mushe… talking about

  2. Prof. Mushemeza is wings clipped and totally ignorant of his party’s inner circle moves.
    The president and Amama Mbabazi support independent candidature if one lost in NRM primaries. The precedent was set on Hon Asuman Kiyingi now state minister for regional cooperation. He lost in NRM primaries, stood as independent and was awarded a ministerial post.

  3. we have known mushemeza as professor but never really bothered which professorship he falls unto. In my non researched stance i think he is on record for taking any bribe that comes his way as of 2011. people is this where he got his professorship or am wrong? That man can eat bribes i think even with feathers. i ve only read bribes about him and nothing else good, i swear!!

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