Bummy Alupo To Whip Shabby Ministers On Jubilee Fete

Hon. Alupo

Hon. Alupo

The Independence jubilee fete last night took a ‘romantic’ twist with snoops telling us that some shabby ministers will be shamed during these celebrations.

Snoops reveal that there is a move to have a special rehearsal for all ministers on how to dress tomorrow to avoid being embarrassed. “We have seen several ministers dressing in ten colours on the same day.

Some of them don’t have matching suits. We want ministers to look elegant tomorrow so that we are not embarrassed us. Female ministers should wear romantic suits and male ministers should put on matching suits not their usual kwara-kwara suits,” a top minister was heard saying. We hear several gorgeous ministers have been tasked to guide their pals on how to look descent and sexy on that day.

Among them is the sexilicious minister for education and sports Maj. Jessica Alupo, Karamoja state minister Oundo Nekesa, Irene Muloni and Karooro Okurut whose dressing code we hear has always scored highly among State House handlers and in cabinet.

“We have decided to have a group of nice looking ministers accompany the president to the airport to receive his visitors. Only presentable ministers will be allowed and will also attend some dinner with visiting heads of state,” a State House snoop stated.

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  1. why look smart when service delivery is poor? we are more interested in better services delivered than your smartness please dear ministers

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