Col. Besigye, Erias Lukwago Under ‘Preventive Arrest’

Kiiza Besigye (L) and Mayor Erias Lukwago were charged

Besigye (L) and Lukwago

The Police have said that FDC leader Kizza Besigye and Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago will remain under preventive arrest until further notice. Besigye is being prevented from leaving his Kasangati home while Lukwago remains at his home in Rubaga a Kampala suburb.
Police monday morning blocked Lukwago when he attempted to leave saying he was headed to work. And the police have also denied they tried to force their way into Besigye’s home Sunday night.
Via their twitter feed, the police said ‘the retired col. was scared of Police officers on foot patrol.’ Lukwago and Besigye were last week arrested twice and cautioned and returned home for detention.

Besigye has twice beaten security and held walk to freedom demonstrations in town. Government has banned opposition political rallies during the Jubilee week

Police Statement:

The Uganda Police Force and its sister security agencies would like to inform Ugandans that there is no single military officer that stepped foot at the home of FDC Leader, Dr Kizza Besigye. There were only Police officers who were doing their normal night foot patrol along the road that Dr. Besigye saw and as a politician he thought it would fit in his propaganda by twisting it that Police and the Army had invaded his home. He sent out messages begging Ugandans to rescue him yet he was not attacked at all. The Uganda Police and all the security agencies are mandated to provide security to people and their property, and it’s this duty they were carrying out by patrolling the area.

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8 thoughts on “Col. Besigye, Erias Lukwago Under ‘Preventive Arrest’

  1. The Uganda Police and all the security agencies are mandated to provide security to people and their property, and it’s this duty they were carrying out by patrolling the area.Meaning Besigye’s home is very insecure and the surrounding thats why there is heavy deployment at his door.HAHAHAHAHAH ITS UGANDA @50

  2. The Uganda Police and “sister security agencies” know quite well that their protection is the last thing the Col. needs. However, this will not go on forever, let every Ugandan know this.

  3. Fantasric. When will the government use preventive arrest against Museveni for using kiboko squad boys?

  4. If our Mayor is not free to walk in his city, then it implies that no one is truly free in this country. Is criticising the gov’t or supporting a different political party a crime worth captivity? For goodness sake, it’s independence day, free all Ugandans including Besigye and our Mayor!

  5. the better for all of us there is always time for everything tym to celebrate ad tym to mourn.

  6. Museveni is just being silly by allowing Besigye to steal the show…!!

    If Museveni really won the elections by landslide, how many Ugandans are going to be impressed by Besigye’s walk to work campaigns?? Museveni should just let Besigye continue his walks until he is tired…!!! I dont think Besigye has the stamina to walk from Kasangati to Najjanankumbi anyway….!!!!! Okey if he did it once, how long can he maintain it, a week, month or year…????

    The problem is that thieves are never confident with the security of their loot…!!! By making Besigye’s walks a big deal I think Museveni is just prooving his insecurity …which makes him more vulnerable….
    Anyway this is Uganda

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